Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Treekin Soldier

I really wanted to field some Treekin for my Wood Elves army. But the models are really expensive here ($37 per model) and they are also metal. Plus I did not really fancy their sculpt. So I decided to try to make my own.

Bought some toy soldiers for $2 at the Reject Shop.

They will form the base structure of the model.

Selected a test plastic soldier for my test model. He'll be losing his gun and radio pack soon heheh!

I superglued the dude to the base and added greenstuff.

Still a work in progress. I'm gonna try to add some leaves and more testure. Will also have to work on the 'face'. Added some extra plastic bits from Dryad box set. Will wait for the greenstuff to harden before i do more.

Its a nice change from painting :)


  1. Budget gaming FTW!

    The new treekins come in Fine cast now lol. 30 pounds for 3 lol

  2. Yeah manz, these cost less than 3 bucks each ;) Plus i'm doing some sculpting training. Still very super novice..

    I'll be really tempted to order the Finecast Treekin if they did a completely new sculpt lol!