Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ulthwe Black Guardian

Got another project comin' up! Its the Eldar Ulthwe Craftworld :) And I'm gonna be adding lots of Guardians into the list.

I've always used Eldrad Ulthuan in games, but its always counts as. So its time to represent this famous Seer with his own actual craftworld. I painted up a test model of the infamous Black Guardian of the Craftworld of Ulthanash Shelwe. Its been really fun and fast to paint.

The color scheme is mainly Black and Bleached Bone with Red Gore highlight accents.

Side view. The Ulthwe army will be different from my Iyanden list in that the Guardians will be the mainstay of the army.

Other side view. I will also plan to use the Seer Council! And they will be led by the great Seer himself, Eldrad Ulthuan.

Back view. Not much to see here lol!

The List:

1 Eldrad Ulthuan 2xxpts

8 Warlocks 262pts
4 Singing Spears
Enhance(1), Embolden(1), Destructor(3)

1 Avatar of Khaine 1xxpts

10 Guardians 125pts
1 Scatterlaser
1 Warlock (Embolden)

10 Guardians 125pts
1 Scatterlaser
1 Warlock (Embolden)

10 Guardians 125pts
1 Scatterlaser
1 Warlock (Embolden)

3 Guardian Jetbikes 76pts
1 Shuriken cannon upgrade

10 Warp Spiders 247pts
Exarch w/ Twin Death Spinners, Power blades

1 Wraithlord 155pts
Brightlance, EML

1 Wraithlord 155pts
Brightlance, EML

1 Fire Prism 1xxpts

Total: 1750pts

The list is made up of the Eldar minis I have left over after my Iyanden Craftworld army. Comments and suggestions welcome ;)

Also had a great game of 40K today with Daniel's Spartan-themed Blood Angels :)

Have a great weekend all! And a good week ahead.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fighting On..

Time sure flies! Its coming to the end of September, and looking back, its been kind of a wild ride. Many events took place at the workplace and I am for better or worse in the 5th month of my current job. Its been busy and some of the old shadows have returned...

Still life goes on, and I pick up that broken sword again to face yet another battle ;)

A WIP: Land Raider Crusader

I added some variety to my hobbying by finally daring to work on the Land Raider Crusader for the Black Templars!

Again I have painted the interiors of the Crusader, even giving the control panel a gloss finish on the screens. for the smaller screens I added something like the heartbeat or status monitor of the crew. Also a radar screen at the bottom of the panel.

I also gave some detailing to the engine of the tank.

The other side of the Crusader also got some love as I picked out the lighting on the sides as well as some of the buttons near the main hatch.

Of course, I later remembered that after all that work...

....there's not a lot that can be seen once the Crusader is fully assembled..LOL!

Anyways, I still glued it together. Will need to shine a torch inside if one wants to admire the interior heheh!
Here's more pics of some other parts of the Crusader all primed and ready. I got the Black Templars upgrade sprue some time back and the Land Raider doors are coming in handy now :)

Another WIP: Eldar Jetbikes

A group of 6 Eldar Jetbikes, 2 with Shuriken Cannons. These are still pretty much WIP as I experiment on the designs for the front of the Jetbikes.

I went for kind of a sunburst pattern on the left one. Its not very obvious I know. The one of the right is of a far simpler design. Still trying out new patterns.
The Jetbike above is more or less complete. Just some highlights to be done. It was fun to paint the jetbikes, but despite experimenting with the newer GW paints, yellow is still a b*tch to paint lolz!

The weekend comes to a close and the morrow is the dawn of another day on the battlefield. I hope the weary bones will hold, and my sword arm swings true...

I leave you all with best wishes for the coming week.

"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it."
by Margaret Thatcher

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Eldar Avatar WIP and Other Goodies

Its been a busy week yet again, but we have survived the gauntlet for another well deserved rest at the weekend :))

 I got down to working more on my Eldar Avatar and collected some gaming accessories to boot!

God of War
He's almost almost done! I'm just deliberating on what colors to paint his topknot and hair. So far no ideas are coming forth. But I'm overall quite happy with the way he turned out. I was going for a more smouldering amber look.

A side view of the Avatar. He wields the deadly Wailing Doom. the right arm is a bit of a pain to paint with all the details. But a very rewarding sight once finished as the details really bring out the ornate and grand feel of the Avatar of Khaine.

Just a bit of a back view. He's also got lots of runes and gems on the legs. They were fun to paint. Just a bit more highlighting and I'm also doing a special base for him.

Psychic Cards

Hey guys! I got the psychic cards, we can use it during our next game :)

Objective Markers

Also the objective markers have arrived. They look really good too! I like the special box it comes in. Very nice! I added an Eldar Guardian for scale.

A closer shot of the objective dice. Each picture on the dice has a meaning, like Primary Objective, Secondary Objective to scenarios like Slay the Warlord and First Blood. Pretty cool!

A pic of the Objective Marker stands. Guardian for size comparison.

All in all a good but tiring week ;)

Have a good weekend and an even better week ahead everyone!