Friday, April 29, 2011


I pried myself away from Dynasty Warriors 2 on PSP. Its quite addictive though the game is old haha!

Managed to paint up a Flesh Tearers Rhino today. It was faster to do compared to my other vehicles as its mostly black and the small areas of red were great to paint as the paint did not pool..much.

Front view. This Rhino will be ferrying the 10 Assault Marines without Jump-packs.

Side view. Storm bolter is the only armament for the transport.

Other side view. I glued the smoke launchers to the sides. They look a bit like vestigial wings ;)

Back view.

The ramp at the rear opens. I also did not glue the top hatch.

Top down view.

Red is done with a basecoat of Mechrite Red and Chaos Black (70/30 mix). Then a layer of Scab Red. Then 2 layers of Red Gore.

The headlights were done using Shadow Grey as a basecoat and then adding Skull White for each successive layer. Highlights not finished as yet, but those seen done using Codex Grey.

Well its Friday again and i think its another long weekend!
Have a good one all :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Strange Queen

Not much updates with my Flesh Tearers. Been busy painting other stuff. Namely Empress Messalina IV from Reaper Miniatures. She's from their Chronoscope range and a really neat model. She is sculpted by Mr Patrick Keith whose works i greatly admire. Check out his blog/site!

I also really appreciate the clever tie-in to the real Empress Valeria Messalina of ancient Rome who is famous for her scheming ways and court intrigue. She was also known for being a tad promiscuous, which caused her eventual death at the hands of her husband the Emperor Claudius. Well enough history...

The miniature has been an inspiration and temptation to start a Tau army. I think she has all the major features of the WH40K Tau race, specifically their Ethereals. She has the potential to spearhead a rather themed Tau army. She could be an Ethereal with much power over the Tau Empire's aliens, namely the Vespids and Kroot. Or she could be like the Roman Empress of her namesake with great influence over the Tau warrior caste who all fight to do her bidding and win her favor ;)

I like the floating chair idea. In alot of ways she reminded me of the Tau special character Aun'Va aka Master of the Undying Spirit. I painted the orb in her hand to be of the same colors as the energy swirls at the bottom of her base to link them. Also gave her some peacock inspired feathers.

Side view. I plan to paint the base the color of the Tau orange-brown scheme at a later date. Need to get the paint.

Other side view. She will represent a Tau Ethereal in the game. I have heard they are not too useful. But i'm all fluff over tactics hehe!

Back view. Still got some highlights and bases to finish up.

I also have the option of placing her on a bigger base. This way she could be a counts as Aun'Va if needed.

Also simultaneously painting up a Rhino. It'll primarily be for my Flesh Tearers and will be the same color scheme as the Flesh Tearers in White Dwarf 376 April 2011. I felt the minimal red and largely back scheme works well as i can use the Rhino for a few ways.

It can be a Flesh Tearers Rhino as intended, or a Death Company Rhino or an Inquisition Rhino as they all share the same color scheme.

Just gave the interior the ubiquitous brush of Boltgun Metal paint and Badab Black wash.

I'm not gluing the top hatch on as i plan to paint the Flesh Tearer symbol on one side and leave the other side black or red so i can do a switch.

Have a super start to the week everyone :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Angel's Storm

The Stormraven gunship is tabletop ready at last. I'll keep adding to the details as time goes by. Too much other stuff have been distracting me lol!

I'm also contemplating starting a Tau army. This might mean i'll skip Tomb Kings. Will still get the Necrosphinx to paint though ;)

Well here she is, Stormraven gunship- The Angel's Storm

Front view.

Front with forward bay doors open.

Side view.

Other side view.

View from below.

And view from above.

I could not resist and glued the whole ship together. Now i can't really fit it into my luggage. I'll probably be carrying it onto the plane in my arms lol!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Battleforce Marines

Almost finished assembling the rest of the Marines from the battleforce i got recently.

Pic below:

In the front row are 10 man Assault Squad without Jump packs (from 5 Normal Marines and 5 Assault Marines). One armed with Flamer and one with meltagun. Sgt with power weapon is on the extreme right in front. Behind is their Rhino.

Also managed to get one more marine with boltgun for my Death Company.

Behind are 5 Scouts. Sgt with CCW/Bolt pistol, 3 with Boltguns and 1 with Heavy Bolter. I just like the look of the scouts. Very different armaments from my Black Templar Neophytes.

Last evening got a bit rainy quite fast. There was a thunderstorm alert as well.

Above pic taken from the window of where i'm staying. The tree lined area is the city park and beyond that is the Brisbane River. The park is really beautiful and the walk along the river really soothing. I will miss this part of the city when i leave.


I couldn't help putting the Stormraven up against the backdrop for giggles ;) Scene would have been perfect if not for the fly screen/netting on the window lol!

Happy holidays to all!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Flesh Tearers: Task Force Cruoris

Hope everyone has a great finish to the week all ready to enjoying the Easter Holidays :))

I've been doing some work on my Death Company and they are getting there. I still got lots of highlighting work, basing and detail on the power weapons to work on.

Some WIP pictures below:

Front view.

Back view.

The red crosses were done using Mechrite Red and Chaos Black (50/50) mix to outline the crosses. I then painted on Red Gore. Then Blood Red followed by mix of Blood Red+Blazing Orange. The thin lines on the cross were done using Red Gore+Skull White mix also 50/50 ratio.

With the Death Company well on the way to completion and just some highlights/detail for me Stormraven, my Flesh Tearers task force is almost ready for a game :)

Below is a pic of my 1000 point army, rearing for battle and blood!

Flesh Tearer Task Force Cruoris.

I got the name of my task force from the Latin word Cruor which means 'blood' or 'spilled blood'.

I made the 1000 point list based on the Rule of Cool ;) I included some of the new Blood Angels models that i really liked and found to be cool to make the list. Not sure if its tactically viable or cheesy even lol!

The fluff for the task force revolves around the search for a cure to stem The Flaw led by a Librarian. The inclusion of the Death Company was to represent the brothers on the quest who fell to the Black Rage. Will they find what they seek before the Black Rage takes them all?

The list:
Flesh Tearers 1000pts

Librarian (1**pts)

Furioso Librarian Dreadnought (175pts)

Tactical Squad (190pts)
10 Marines (1 Meltagun, 1 Missile Launcher)
Sgt with Power weapon

Death Company (195pts)
7 Marines (1 Powerfist, 2 Power sword)

Death Company Dreadnought (1**pts)

Heavy Support
Storm Raven (215pts)
TL-Assault Cannon, TL-Multi-melta
Extra Armor

Have a Blessed Easter everyone!

Cheers :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Death Company (on the cheap)

I've recently got me hands on a Space Marine Battleforce. There are lots of Marines in there and the task was to convert some to represent the Flesh Tearers Death Company brothers.

Also did some research online and the consensus was that Flesh Tearers are not too flashy like their Blood Angels brethren. They are rough and ready, and just waiting to get stuck into brutal combat! Which suits me just fine as i have no Blood Angels bitz at all lol!

I got some inspiration from a wonderful piece of Death Company art by a talented artist by name of Orlan Novak. I first saw his art work used in other blogs. I decided to do a search for the artist and i think he posts his work on the deviantart website.

Link here to the picture in question.

I thought he captured the menace and darkness of the Death Company really well. This inspired me to do paint a test model.

Death Company Marine
Below is the DC marine made entirely from marine sprues of the Space Marine Battleforce. I arranged the pictures as if he is making a turn or sweep with his power fist haha ;)

He was painted in about 30mins. And i really enjoyed doing the simple color scheme. And no hordes of gems and jewelery to paint either haha!

Thats all i got for today. Hope everyone is having a great week :)

Monday, April 18, 2011


I'm still working on my Flesh Tearers Storm Raven. Been slowly building up the layers of Red Gore on the big red flying machine. I've still been pretty busy playing Dynasty Warriors 2 on me PSP lol!

It looks a bit cramped in the driver's seat.

Frontal view of the Raven.

Side view. Much layering was needed for the sides of the Raven. Also had to keep tilting the vehicle sideways and other angles so the thinned paint would not pool...too much.

Other side view.

Rear view. This is all just the basic colors without any highlights. Its sure taking a while, and my PSP/PC gaming distractions are not helping either ;)

Brother-Techmarine Icarus checking his flight console and coffee tray.

A slightly elevated view of the pilot's seat. He has given up searching for the manual and will be just "winging it".

This Just In!
I received my orders from Wayland Games today! Its raining lots and getting colder. So it kinda feels like Christmas. Yaay!!

I got the Space Marine Battleforce to bring the Flesh Tearers army up to 1750pts. Also bought a nice mini from Infinity's Yu Jing range. He's called a Hsien warrior with Multirifle. Its quite a versatile mini that can be used as an Eldar Autarch or an Inquisitor from the Ordos Xenos.

Also got myself some really beautiful and sleek spacecrafts from Spartan Games. The bigger ships appear to be resin. They look gorgeous! I chose Aquan Prime because i like the name relating to the ocean. A star ocean ;)

Right! Thats all the updates i got for today.

Have a super start to the week everyone!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Red Wednesday

I recently got me hands on another fine miniature by Reaper. Its called Santa Claus by Bob Ridolfi. I bought it immediately as i always loved Christmas and the sort of magical feeling it gives. I plan on displaying this mini prominently on me desk, maybe even the table at my workplace. This will remind me of the year end holidays and the spirit of Christmas ;)

Pics of mini below.

No good miniature goes un40K-rised by me heheheh!! So i made up some stats for thats right.... Santa Claus in 40K!

Here goes:

Santa Klaus, Ancient Spirit of Yuletide

Unit Type: Infantry

Special Rules:

Independent Character
Eternal Warrior
Move Through Cover
Hit & Run

The Red Suit:- The famous suit confers a 5+ save and a 4+ invuln save to the wearer.

...who is Naughty and Nice
Santa can choose one wargear from each enemy character and remove them for the duration of the game. Also Santa can give one wargear (selected only from appropriate entry of own player's codex) for free to each of friendly indpendent characters.

Booby Trapped Gifts
Santa has a bag of lethal gifts that he can lob at the enemy. He counts as having D6 Demolition Charges. Roll before start of game.


All Flamer and Melta attacks are half strength against Santa.

Santa's Litte Helpers Santa can choose a retinue of up to 9 elvish Helpers at 10pts per model. Santa can choose to allocate wounds he takes to them instead.

More Santa!

Side view with teddy bear.

Bag o' gifts.

Back view.

WIP Pics of Storm Raven...again
I finally worked up the courage to at least put some paint on the flying machine. Started with basecoat of Mechrite Red+Chaos Black for the chassis. 2 Coats applied.

Painted on Scab Red after that. I'm still learning how to paint vehicles as the surfaces are too big and chances for paint to pool in increased dramatically. Will try my best to keep at it ;)

Above pic is with 2 coats of Scab Red on the raised areas.

Thats all for today folks :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gaming Distractions and Stuff

I've been a tad busy with playing old DOS Games lately, so not much painting 40K. Just completed X-Com: Terror from the Deep for the first time. I didn't get to complete it many years ago as my computer crashed. I couldn't help but notice that the final boss of the last stage bears a really close resemblance to Cthulhu!

Above is the last scene from the game before completion. I must say i enjoyed the trip down memory lane tremendously.

Flesh Tearers Librarian (WIP)
I did however find some time to do some painting through the distractions of PC gaming ;)

Am still doing highlighting and stuff on him. But he's coming along nicely. Added bits of Red Gore to the armor to break up the blue..

Back view.

Managed to do up some basing at Games Workshop last week. They provided the glue and flock as well as instructions. The tips were pretty much for basic basing techniques.

Based up me Tactical Squad.

Also did up the base of the Dreadnoughts with some grass flock.

I found the experience really helpful as i never really based anything before. This was my first serious attempt at basing hahaha!

Also did up my remaining leftover marines. My Flesh Tearers currently number 17 marines. More will be done up as soon as reinforcements arrive :)

Other Stuff
I did see the new plastic Tomb Kings Necrosphynx and Necropolis Knights models. They are awesome man!! But no pictures though :( I will be planning to collect Tomb Kings just for the models haha! For the Necrosphynx, there was enough bits left over on almost 2 sprues after the main model was built. Also heard from the staff there will be new Dark Eldar models coming out again in June. But they could not reveal whats coming lol!

Hope everyone had a great week so far. Take care all!