Monday, March 2, 2015

Eldar WIP: Spiritseer

Respite approaches and I'm trying to keep the flames of hobbying alive. I did a quick paint up today on a rare occassion I came home earlier than usual from work. I've had this Eldar miniature from Chapterhouse Studios for a few years and decided to give it a lick or two of paint.
The Spiritseer is for my Iyanden army. But I've decided to go with a bone white color scheme to make him or her stand out more on the battlefield. I run a Wraith heavy army and all the models are quite tall and large.
Instead of losing the only living unit in a sea of yellow and blue, I wanted him to be more visible.
I think the mini has a good many unique looking items that it carries. The spear here can be the Spear of Teuthlas if I do take it.
But my preferred item is the Wraithforge Stone represented by the bluish burning orb like object the seer is holding.
The bone white color I've chosen also reminds me of the little known White Seers of the Eldar who are rumored to guard the webway to the Black Library together with the Harlequins!
Assembly done as well on my new Wraithguards with D-Scythes. They will probably go in the Wave Serpents as they lack mobility.

Hope everyone has had a good Monday. March on to the end of the week :)