Monday, February 27, 2012


I did some cleaning up of my old bitz. Found lots of marine stuff including half bodies and melted legs. After some mix and matching, i came up with a nice start to another army.

Total count was 20 Tactical Space Marine bodies. Also found some metal minis: 3 Lightning Claw Termis, 2 Thunder Hammer/ Storm Shield Termis. There were also 3 metal standard terminators with a plastic termi Sgt from quite a while back.

I painted up a test miniature of an Ultramarine battle brother.

Primed white and then given a basecoast of Regal Blue.

I then washed the entire model with some watered down Chaos Black.

Then gave a layer of 50:50 mix of Regal Blue and Ultramarines Blue.

Back view. This was followed by a watered down Ultramarines Blue. The highlights were a 50:50 mix of Ultramarines Blue and Space Wolves Grey.

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Another Chapter

A rather long awaited post this month of February...

This being a rather bittersweet yet pivotal crossroads for me as I have left the service of Medical Social Work. It was amazing five and a half years and i really learnt a lot and will remember fondly the times spent there. It was hard work but the colleagues and a great boss really made the road much easier.

Above is a picture of my desk. Yes! I can finally see the table! Prior to the cleanup, it was covered in files and other documents hoarded through time.

On the left is a Dark Angel Tactical Marine. He's been an ever present mini on my desk for as many years as i've worked at the hospital. Well, ee's finally comin' home :) I've decided to make his return to the Chapter a memorable one, as i brought the Master of the Deathwing to welcome him back. He now returns to his Tactical Squad with full honors.

More Deathwing
This has also inspired me to get back to painting more Deathwing Terminators. I did the one below using a different basecoat. I usually go for a Khemri Brown base but this time i tried out Vomit Brown. I have long suspected the painter of the Deathwing Termis in the Dark Angels Codex may also have used Vomit Brown as a basecoat.

I thought he came out pretty ok. There's certainly a lighter tone to the armor color.

I think the orangey effect of the Vomit Brown paint goes well with the Bleached Bone as its not too dark in simulating shading in the recesses.

Storm Shield. With 3+ Invulnerable goodness!

Back view.

Also decided to add some Lascannon toting dudes to the Dark Angels army.

Them Lascannons are from the Storm Raven. The Lascannon stands are made from Space Marine Scouts Heavy Bolter stands.

Star Wars 40K
Nope! I have not forgotten me Star Wars 40K army based on the new Sisters of Battle List.
Not with even more Space Rangers from em4 Miniatures on the way!

Pictured above are my conversions of Voss Mystics from the Star Wars universe. They were converted using the Empire Wizards kit and Wood Elf Archer heads. I'll use them to represent Battle Sisters with Simulacrum Imperialis wargear. Re-rolling Acts of Faith can be like an act of telling the future, no?

I'm looking forward to the road ahead. Hope to do more painting and spending more time with friends and family :))