Monday, October 27, 2014

40K WIP: Flesh Tearers Sanguinary Guard

I'm taking a break for the week but will be going with the wife on an overseas holiday :) I did manage to squeeze in a work in progress mini before I leave. I'm consolidating certain armies to give each army more miniatures as this comes in really handy during Apocalypse games.

I got inspired by a guy who did a similar paint scheme for the Flesh Tearers Sanguinary Guard on the interwebs. Will link credits here later. I'm heading off in a couple of minutes.
I still got lots of highlights to do, especially on the wings and jump pack. But this is the general color scheme. I really dig the combination of colors. Simple yet effective.
The pale bone mask did spook me a bit, which is probably why I like the paint scheme haha!
I'll be focusing on beefing up and really finish painting (including basing) my Flesh Tearers army for the year's end.
I'll be painting the pipes a Bolgun Metal coat and do some afterburner highlights as well for the jet pack.

Take care and have a great week ahead everyone!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Warhammer Fantasy Empire: Templars

It's a holiday today and I managed to get some painting done. Thus the happy looking soldier's face above haha! I wanted to get some work done today, but I'm really tired and decided to finally pick up the ol' paint brush again.

I was wondering what to paint and had just received my Templar miniatures from Fireforge Games.

I only had a day and decided to assemble at least and put paint to 1 each of the available troops of the Crusade.

This is a Crusader from the Deus Vult range. He can definitely be used to represent an Empire Swordsman.
I decided to go with the color scheme of the Knights Hospitallers. The backstory would be the protection of a mysterious pilgrim to unknown lands. Warhammer lands!
This is my sleepy looking Crossbowman. The sun must be in his eyes.
I really like the realistic pose of the miniatures so far. Above, the soldier firing the crossbow using his other arm to steady his aim.
I painted the Templar cross on the back of his surcoat as well.
A Spearman this time. I decided to pay the points and add the shield as it allows me to do some freehand work to enhance the look of the model.
I'm quite happy with the poses. The torso and legs come as a single piece. So I'm saving time on gluing.
I'm using this model as a Greatsword. There are other weapons like longswords, axes and maces in the mix as well. I assembled the one above with a morning star.
I painted his inner coat red to give a bit of contrast. Also historically, I think they later wore red surcoats over their armor.
I kept the cloak black and also freehanded the templar cross on it.
This one is the model of a Knight on horse. I did not manage to paint it fully as it was already evening. But the pose is pretty dynamic and have really nice details to it.
Above is the size comparison to a GW Wood Elf Archer to the left. If mounted on bases the Templars would be about the same height.

Well, not the online company but the mythical race of warrior women ;)

I had a bit of time in the morning and assembled this sexy miniature from Wargames Factory.

I did a quick paint of the miniature just to see its details and its been quite fun to see the model come alive. The sculpt of the miniature is really nice and detailed as well. I had planned to use the models from this line for a High Elves army. It will probably be years in the making lol!

And on this note, its back to work on the morrow. I have made my exit plan from my current line of work and am looking forward to some rest.

Have a great rest of the week ahead everyone!