Sunday, May 13, 2012

May Hobbying

Its been a while since the last post. Been a bit busy getting used to the new job. Well a month has passed and I think I'm slowly getting a feel of the job.

I also logged in to Blogger and am currently also figuring out the new layout haha!

Good tidings! I have received my copy of the the Empire Army Book at last :) With 2 really nice miniatures to accompany it- the Hurricanum/Luminark set and the new plastic Empire Griffon set.

I did a recalculation of my old Empire list and points have gone up. I can no longer squeeze all the dudes from my older list into the new one.

More Samurai WIP
Back to more Samurai stuff!

Assembly work on the Samurai have been slow. I've had to reposition the arms as i wanted to give them more unique poses.
Above are just some of the different poses achieved so far. The other pic is a close up. I'm kinda taking my time with the assembly, so its gonna be slow.

Above pic is just a rough idea of how a 30 man group would look like. They will be the  counts as Empire Swordsmen.

Above is the rest of the army still in assembly. There are a LOT of guys!

Knight Calvary WIP
I'm trying to do a Knight heavy army cos of the Unicorn Clan theme. So lots of Samurai warriors on horses. I wanted to field the normal Knights, Inner Circle as well as the Reiksguard Knights.

Given the need to differentiate them, I will use for the normal or standard knights, the Yari trooper armored bodies. For the Inner Circle, i will use the Samurai warrior armored bodies.

The Reiksguard will be a bit of a challenge though, as they will represent a group of Utaku Battle maidens in a unit together. I ordered some female elf heads from Hasslefree Miniatures.

So above is one of the 'naked' heads. I posed it to get a feel of it. It felt ok. The battle maidens got the Samurai armor bodies with a coat to represent their super elite status.

I sculpted on some longer hair as well to make them look more feminine.
The warrior of the far right is to be a dude. I guess its how i paint the faces and maybe how much makeup i give them lol!
Back view. Just an idea of how far the long flowing raven locks reach back ;)

I did not mount the bodies on the horses yet as they have not arrived. I initially intended to just stick them on the Empire Knights. Sadly my Knights have also left the country for overseas campaigning. I ordered in 4 boxes of some good looking and very affordable minis from Fireforge Games. They are the Mounted Sergeants models.

These cost about 16 British Pounds for 12 plastic Knights. So thats 4 more than the Brettonian Knights box set from GW. This means i will have 48 knights. I'm not going to field them all though heheh!

All the assembly though fun has taken lots of time from painting. So i applied some basic colors to practice my skillz ;)

Some Flesh Tearers Honor Guards for my 40K army. Above is the WIP of an olde Apothecary model i use to represent the Sanguinary Novitiate.

I am still planning some dual armies even though progress is slow ;) The 48 Knights can also be used to field a Brettonian army. I just have to switch the Yari troops (counts as Men at Arms). But we'll see how that goes...

And on that note i bid my blog farewell again...until the next entry.

Take care one and all!

May Time, this precious resource, avail Itself to all our passions in Wargaming and Phantasy ;)