Thursday, March 31, 2011

Deep Strike Complete

Finally completed one 5 man squad of Deathwing Terminators. They are still to be based, but it took quite a while...

Deep Strike roll....

And its a HIT!

Haha! Wish that happens everytime ;)

Here be Brother Garamon of the Deathwing. The last member of the Master of Deathwing's Command Squad.

He was previously a Celestial Lion Space Marine. After stripping off some of the paint, he became a member of the Deathwing.

Converted the Chainfist from a Tactical Marine chainsword. I had cut off the original chainfist attachment, much to my regret.

View of other side with Storm Bolter.

Back view.

And finally, the entire squad from table edge view.

Deep Striked & ready to Run into cover!


  1. Are these the ones that were in the battle against "the fallen"(pedro)? deathwing terminators are scary, scoring and have acccess to any gear they like. Disintegrators lock and load!

  2. Yeah manz, they were in the last BatRep :)

    I try to take at least one TH/SS for wound allocation against meltas and lascannons. But i've seen all TH/SS Deathwings too. I'm not going that way though, cos i got to paint lots more guys then haha!

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