Monday, March 21, 2011

Furious Ravens

Received my orders from Wayland Games today! It feels like a touch of Christmas again :)

I'll probably be using them for my Flesh Tearers army. I don't think i'll be collecting Grey Knights as yet. Gonna wait a month or two before deciding again heheh!

As for the Furioso Dreadnoughts, i'm trying to assemble them such that the front part of the sarcophagus can be swapped. Does anyone have any ideas or have done this successfully? Would sure be glad to have some advice on this.

Have a great start to the week everyone!


  1. 2 stormravens and 2 BA dreads!!! the feeling when the box arrived and opening it holding the goodies in your hands! ahhhh plastic crack at its best

  2. @crazyrat

    Yeah manz! Haha :)) I've finished building the 2 Dreadnoughts. Will take a deep breath and start on the Stormraven next.

    I found that i have extra talons from the Dread kits. U want 2 talons to replace the shorter talon on your DC Dread?

  3. I love your use of 'plastic crack'


  4. @Skanwy
    Thx I dont need it or rather cant tear out the shorter talons without destroying the dreads' hands... cement glue disadvantage. How did you get extra talons? Building 1 DC dread?

    Actually the storm raven is very easy to build, its big and all parts fit together nicely. There are grooves that guide and prevent you from sticking it wrongly. I would rate the landspeeder and drop pod as harder build compared to the storm raven.

    depending on your addiction, the euphoria effect wear off quite fast, so you will need to go online store and start adding things to your shopping cart hahaha

  5. @crazyrat

    Cool thanks :) I now feel more confident in proceeding with the assembly. Been staring at the Stormraven box all morning ;P


    LOL! Me too! You getting any 'plastic crack' anytime soon? :))

  6. @crazyrat

    Oh i got the extra Talons cos i bought 2 Furioso kits ;)