Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Furioso Librarian Dreadnought Kaldonius

I took a bit of a break after painting the last Dreadnought. The Furioso Librarian took a bit of time to paint. He had a lot of nice details like parchments, scrolls and stuff. The front of the sarcophagus was especially detailed. I think i enjoyed painting this variant the most :)

Some fluff for the man:-

The final battle of Brother-Librarian Kaldonius was not witnessed by any of his brethren. His command squad had fought bravely and given their lives for the Emperor. Kaldonius himself was found barely alive and unconscious. He was crushed beneath the corpse of an enormous Hive Tyrant.

Kaldonius had multiple mortal wounds and to extricate him from the corpse of the monster, his brethren had to sever the six flesh hooks embedded into his body. Kaldonius's force spear was impaled into the chest of the Hive Tyrant, its blade blackened and half-melted, a testament to strength of the force of wills at play during the final moments of the confrontation.

With the death of the Hive Tyrant, the Imperial Guard forces and the remnants of the Flesh Tearer's 4th Company were able to turn the tide of the battle. Truly, a single flame in the night had brought hope in the form of Brother Librarian Kaldonius.

Kaldonius himself was later interred into the sarcophagus of the Furioso Dreadnought. His will and mind were undiminished, and now clad in a body of admanatium, the Librarian seeks vengeance for those who fell in the defence of Galend Hive.

Front view. I gave the base a bit of variation in color. Still got some highlights to be done on the entire model.

View of his Blood Fist with Storm Bolter.

Other side view, this time of his Force Weapon, containing fragments of the blackened metal of his former force spear.

Back view.

And finally, a view of Kaldonius himself, now interred within the Dreadnought chassis.

He's looking forward to wreck vengeance on the enemies of Humanity, especially the Tyranids.

Thats all i got for today ;)



  1. That's really nice! What chapter you using this for?

  2. Wow your post is fast haha!

    Thanks lots man :) I'll be using him with the Blood Angels codex.

    He's from the Flesh Tearer's Chapter. Its a BA Second Founding chapter. I also painted the Flesh Tearer symbol on his leg guards ;)

  3. Looks like my Eldar Craftworld!! LOL Purple!

    I will be mixing up some yellow into my Eldar. Hopefully it will make them POP more.

    Post this on Anything but ones!

  4. LOL how many dreadnoughts have you painted so far counting commission ones?

    The force spear looks wicked! I want to try it on force weapons also. How do you paint it to get that effect?

  5. @enrgie:

    Okie i try take more photo and post ;)

    The armor is done using basecoat of Chaos Black and Scab Red (70/30), then moving up to Scab Red and Chaos Black(60/40). Then pure Scab Red. Final coat is a thin watered down layer of Red Gore. It looks more bright and reddish than in the photos haha!


    I think total is 6 Dreads. The latest two are my own :)

    For the Force Spear i use mainly 2 colors, Regal Blue and Skull White.

    First layer is Regal Blue+Chaos Black (20/80)
    Then 50/50 Regal Blue+Chaos Black
    Then Pure Regal Blue.
    This is followed by Regal Blue+Skull White in the following ratios:
    10/90 as the final whitish highlight in the middle.

    I work my way slowly inwards. The more inwards the brighter the layer ;)

    Hope this helps.

  6. Finally!

    I checked everyday for your painted models and fluff =)

    Will try your formula for my GK force weapon. Thanks!

  7. @Krom:

    Oooh! Grey Knights!! Very cool!

    No probs man ;) Let me know how it goes. Can also email me if my explanation not clear haha!

  8. More GK? Nice! I wanna play against GK soon!

    Sorry about the lack of games recently. Been really busy catching up with my life (got a new GF LOL!)

    Let me know when you guys want a game. Will organise one

  9. @enrgie:

    Grats in the GF dude :)))

    Miss gaming with u guys!!

    Do post some batrep pics up if ya'll are havin' a battle ;)

  10. How many of u are getting Grey Knights?

  11. <---GK


    Cheemz, alot of layers there. Can you take a close up on the force weapon, just the force weapon so we can take it as reference :)

  12. @crazyrat:

    Coolz! Okie dokes, i upload a close up shot on next post ;)