Friday, March 11, 2011

Sons of the Lion

I've been a bit distracted again of late, but delving more into the convoluted secrets of the Dark Angels. I managed to get my hands on a copy of the novel Angels of Darkness by Gav Thorpe. It is a most excellent read and reveals many of the secrets of the Dark Angels. The novel was released some time ago, but i only came across it recently. And i'm glad i did! It gives a lot of insight on how a fallen Dark Angel perceives the events of their Chapter's past, as well as to how a Dark Angel Chaplain comes to terms with his faith and all that he was taught to believe in.

I recommend giving Angels of Darkness a read AFTER finishing The Purging of Kadillus as the former picks off where the latter left off :) It was really a nice continuation of what happened after the war on Piscina IV.

Dark Angels Tactical Squads
Pictured directly below is Squad Ophrael. The squad is led by Vet Sgt. Ophrael who wields a powerfist and meltabombs. Brother Araqiel on the far right wields the mighty Plasmacannon while Brother Caleb wields its smaller cousin the Plasmagun.

Pictured below is Tactical Squad Cato. Vet Sgt. Cato leads his squad and is also armed with the powerfist and meltabombs. Brother Haniel bears the deadly Plasmacannon while Brother Icaron wields the trusty Flamer.

This is also the first time i've tried my hand at basing an entire squad. Its was a fun process and did make the squad feel more complete. Painted on every kneepad of their armor is the company markings. The above two squads are from the Dark Angels 5th Company.

I've also just come back from a visit to the local GW. Had a game 2 vs 2 at the shop as well. And i had a real good look at the Dread Knight and plastic Grey Knights as well. They are awesome!!! The codex was also there, but i didn't get a chance to browse it. Maybe this weekend ;)

Have a super weekend everyone!

Edited for spelling of names ;)


  1. PRO! I also started building my BA tac squad after you enlighten me on their "usefulness". I will try to paint them hahaha. Yea basing complete the model, no basing the model looks weird. Nice you have a GW to preview GK goodies. HAHA we only can look on the interwebs. Anyway I was caught up in the GK release hype and did something foolish to my wallet... It will take a long time to recover...

  2. Thanks man :)

    Yup them Tac Squads are key in all my SM lists cos of their flexibility.

    Looks like no one able to resist the Grey Knights onslaught lol! I will be giving in too ;P