Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jokaero aka Orangutango

The Man of the Forest

I came across this miniature a few days back and was really inspired by it to use it to represent the Jokaero race of Warhammer 40K. I had gotten a glimpse of the official GW Jokaero mini from the blogs on the internets, and had a rough idea of how one would look like. I also refer to the Uktabi Orangutan art by Una Fricker for Magic The Gathering card for added inspiration and nostalgia ;)

Well,the mini is once again from Reaper Miniatures. Its from the Chronoscope range and aptly named Orangutango, Cyber-Ape. It is cleverly sculpted by the talented J. Weibe.

I'm not too sure if i'll be using him in a Grey Knights army at this stage. I'll reserve my decision till i have a good read at the official dex.

So here he/she/it is:

Front view.
I had a bit of trouble balancing the model. The original mini is much higher. I had to do some conversion, basically cutting off the pole it was hanging off on to lower the centre of gravity.

I gave it some additions to the base and a chair. I did not dig the pose until i did some research on pictures of Orangutans. And they really do pose like this in the wild! LOL!

I added a banana to the foot and placed a piece of piping to the Tech-wand its holding. I was also tickled by what i thought was a nipple gun on the ape. As for the innocuous-looking banana, it could be what it is...or is it...a melta bomb? a grenade? or a missile? I guess we never know with the Jokaero heheh!

Side view of the cheeky ape.

Other view of the noble savage.

Back view. Here you can see the Fabricator array more clearly.

Right-O! Here are some WIP pics for your enjoyment :)

The banana made from greenstuff. The deck plating is made from foam.

Also greenstuffed the Fabricator Array thingy. The chair is made from some plastic i found lying around.

Primed ape!

And finally, a top down view of the cosmic ape :)

Paintin' the Fur':

I painted the fur using a basecoat of Dark Flesh. Then i gave it a wash of Dark Flesh+Chaos Black mix (50/50).

I then drybrushed 80/20 mix of Dark Flesh+Blazing Orange. I worked this up to 50/50 and then a 30/70 ratio.

Then i applied Blazing Orange itself carefully to the tips of the fur and raised areas.

For the final highlight, it was a 50/50 mix of Bleached Bone+Blazing Orange.

I leave you with a quote from the 1968 movie Planet of the Apes ;)

"You know the saying: "Human see, Human do."
by Julius the ape soldier

Thanks for reading ;)



  1. I love Ah Meng! Amazing sculpt and painting once again.

    The banana does remind me of the game 'Worms'. Haha

  2. Thanks Krom :)

    Yup i remember the Banana Bomb too lol! Its a hilarious piece of ordnance. My fav is the Holy Hand Grenade ;)

  3. daily updates! I was going to ask where you get that BANANA bit and "backpack" thing.

    so 38000 years in the future, Ah Meng descendants would packing serious heavy firepower and fighting for the Imperium!

  4. @crazyrat

    Oh yeah ;)

    Ah Meng no longer only 'look good' in zoo, now got attitude and big guns. She's here for some payback haha!