Sunday, March 13, 2011

Deathwing Banner Bearer (Lite)

I've been putting off painting my Deathwing Banner Bearer for a while. I kinda dreaded painting the banner freehand as the banner bitz i stuck on to me Deathwing Termie was really small as compared to the official banner size.

Finally worked up the courage to just do it today heheh!

So here he is, Brother Armaros, Banner Bearer of the Deathwing.

I still have some highlights, shading and general cleanup work to do. And yes, basing will be done as well ;)

Side view of the Storm Shield, now with 3+ invulnerable save!

View of Brother Armaros's Thunder Hammer.

Back View.

A close up shot of the banner. I didn't have enough space to add the rosarius piece. I liked how it turned out though, cos i'm not going to repaint it lol!

I'll be doing up a Jokaero aka Cosmic Ape soon. Its not a GW model, but one from Reaper Miniatures. Will post it up soon if i get round to painting it haha!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, if not a restful one ;)


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  2. (Sorry for the previous post-was using my gf's com)

    Your freehand is amazing.

    I don't know what else to say man.


  3. You level up again!!! and venture into the realm of free hand, superb banner.
    I was painting 4 GK purifier helmets last night and my hand cramped till Sunday morning LOL!

    I also intend to buy 1 Jokaero blister from GW and paint it up in memory of Ah Meng hahaha.

  4. Hey thanks guys :)

    No probs man haha! It was quite difficult to paint as the banner so tiny. Should have used a bigger bitz.

    Steady lah! Can post your GK helmets man :) Yah, i miss Ah Meng too hehe! We shall paint Jokaeros in her honor ;P

    Can also include some banana bitz hehe!

  5. I just paint the helmets white, nv shade with blue wash and nv paint the lenses haha. What colour do you advise for the GK purifier helmet lenses? Cant decide...

  6. Red lens with orange highlights would look nice. Blue is my second choice. I think blue really gives a model the 'good guy' feel, dunno why hehe!