Monday, March 21, 2011

BatRep: Dark Angels vs Fallen Angels 1000pts

I had a game yesterday at the local GW using my Dark Angels.

My opponent was Angus. He's a really nice dude and plays Space Marines. He has not decided on a Chapter at the moment and his paint schemes are an eclectic mix of Space Wolves, Salamanders, Iron Snakes and Ultramarines. He graciously allowed me to treat them as Fallen Dark Angels for this game :))

Opponent's List: The Fallen Angels

1x 'Pedro Kantor' (175pts)

10x Sternguard Veterans (265pts)
with Power weapon
in a Drop Pod (35pts)

Tactical Squad A (175pts)
10x Marines
1x with Meltagun and 1x with Multimelta

Tactical Squad B (180pts)
10x Marines
1x with Flamer and 1x with Missile Launcher
Sgt with Storm Bolter

1x Razorback with TL-Heavy Bolter (50pts)
with Storm bolter

Heavy Support
1x Vindicator (125pts)
with Storm Bolter

Total: (1005pts)

Angus combat squads both his Tacticals.

Tactical Squad A seperated into Tac 1 (5 man, one with a meltagun) and Tac 3 (5 man, one with Multimelta).

Tactical Squad B seperated into Tac 2 (5 man, one with Missile Launcher) and Tac 4 (5 man, one with Flamer all in Razorback)

My List: Dark Angels 1000pts

1x Master of Deathwing (130pts)
Twin Lightning Claws

Dreadnought (155pts)

5x Deathwing Terminators (275pts)
AC/PF, SB/PF, LC, TH/SS, TH/SS (Apoth)

Squad Ophrael
10x Tactical Marines (215pts)
Sgt w/PF & meltabombs, 1 Plasmacannon, 1 Flamer

Squad Cato
10x Tactical Marines (225pts)
Sgt w/PF& meltabombs, 1 Plasmacannon, 1 Plasmagun

I only combat squaded Squad Ophrael.
One group of 5 man with Plasmacannon designated Squad Remus.
The other remaining 5 is one marine with Flamer and Sgt with Powerfist, designated Squad Ophrael.

The Setup

Opponent deployed his troops in ruins or with plan of going into ruins. I did pretty much the same.
Fallen Turn 1

Tac Squad 1 moves and runs up to the top of the ruins. Tac Squad 2 moves and runs up to objective. Tac Squad 3 moves up to base of ruins.
Vindicator and Razorback all move up 12 inches.
Drop Pod comes in near Dark Angels objective. 10 Sternguard and “Pedro” disembark.
Double ones rolled for Sternguard to see DA Squad Remus but some manage to be in range. Vengeance rounds and two brothers of Squad Remus go down but they pass the morale check.

Dark Angels Turn 1

DA Squad Remus fires its Plasmacannon but shot goes wide. 2 Bolter shots take down 1 enemy Sternguard.
Squad Ophrael moves forward to provide supporting fire but Sternguard saves the 2 wounds inflicted.
Deathwing Squad moves onto the battlefield and fires its Assault cannon and 1 Storm bolter taking down 1 Sternguard.
Dreadnought Brother Aranur is unable to spot the enemy tanks.
Belial moves and runs towards Squad Ophrael’s position.

Fallen Turn 2

Vindicator and Razorback move up again to 12 inches.
Tac 3 moves further up the ruins.
Sternguard and “Pedro” moves up slightly and rapid fires into Squad Remus. After cover saves, only one of Squad Remus is standing, and he passes moral.
Tac 2 fires Krak missile at Belial but he makes the 2+ save. Drop Pod bolters fire at Deathwing to no effect.

Dark Angels Turn 2

Dreadnought moves up and shoots at Razorback it is shaken. Deathwing moves up and shoots, killing 2 Sternguard with Assault cannon fire.
Last survivor of Squad Remus moves back and rapid fires, killing one Sternguard. Squad Ophrael led by their Sgt fire their bolter and flamer at enemy, killing another 2 Sternguard.
Belial moves into cover.
Deathwing assaults enemy Sternguard and take them down. “Pedro” also goes down, taking 2 Thunderhammer and 1 powerfist wound.

Just as Brother Armaros connects his Thunder Hammer to the Fallen Captain's armor's a bright flash of dark light explodes outward and a terrible shrieking was heard. Of the Fallen's leader there was no sign....perhaps whisked away by the forces of Chaos yet again.

Fallen Turn 3

Vindicator moves 6 inches and fires the Demolisher cannon at Belial, the shot misses by 2 inches.
Razorback moves up and Tac 4 disembarks into ruins near Squad Cato.
Tac 4 rapid fires and flames Squad Cato taking 2 Dark Angles down.
Tac 2 fires Missile Launcher at Belial again who made the save.
Drop Pod shoots at Deathwing again but only wound is saved.
Other Squads do not move or shoot as they are out of range.

Dark Angels Turn 3

Belial moves and runs up again while giving orders to his brethren.
Dreadnought moves to the side for a shot at Vindicator through the ruins. Opponent fails cover save and the result is the Vindicator cannot shoot or move next turn.
Deathwing moves up shoots and assaults Drop Pod which explodes. The explosion does not harm the Deathwing.
Squad Cato moves up and shoots at Tac 4, taking down 2 out of 5 of the enemy before charging in. Combat sees one more of the enemy fall in battle and the Razorback cannot shoot. Squad Cato lose one of their number in return.
Squads Ophrael and Remus stay put.

Fallen Turn 4

Razorback reverses out of combat.
Vindicator stays put due to damage sustained previous round. Tac 3 moves up to get in range.
All Tacs 1, 2 and 3 fire bolters and a missile launcher at Belial who makes all his saves.
In combat Tac 4 takes down 1 more Dark Angel while losing one more of their number. Combat is drawn.

Dark Angels Turn 4

Deathwing moves up and shoots at Tac 3 killing 1 of the enemy.
Belial moves and runs up again.
Dreadnought moves up and fires at the Vindicator, taking out its Demolisher cannon as enemy fails cover save.
Squad Cato finishes off the enemy and consolidates towards enemy razorback.

Fallen Turn 5

Razorback turns and shoots at Belial. He passes armor save. Vindicator and shoots its storm bolter at Belial, who again passes armor save.
Tac 3 shoots multimelta at Deathwing Squad killing one. Tac 2 moves up and rapid fires Belial, he takes many wounds but passes his armor saves. Tac 1 also rapid fires bit Belial saves wounds. The meltagun from Tac 1 fires at Belial, who fails his invulnerable 5+ and is down for the battle.

Master Belial sprinted as fast as he could towards the objective held by the Fallen while relaying orders to his brother-marines. A steady rain of bolter shots ringing off his Terminator armor. Twice he was almost pushed off his feet by the ferocity of enemy fire. The objective and the cursed Fallen were but scant metres away when a bolt of incandescent fire struck, this time melting off the thick shoulder and leg armor of his left side. Warning lights and alarms flashed from his suit as it seized up and Belial fell to the ground. "Forward! Kill the traitors!" bellowed Belial as he commanded his brethren to press on without him.

Dark Angels Turn 5

Deathwing moves up and shoots at Tac 3, they make all saves. Deathwing charges into Tac 3 and kill all but 1. Lone Tac 3 marine with multimelta flees.

Dreadnought moves up and shoots at Vindicator, destroying its remaining weapon and immobilising it. Dreadnought then assaults Rhino, immobilising it twice, wrecking it.
Squad Cato moves up and shoots its Plasmagun at Razorback in the rear, wrecking it.

Game continues…

Fallen Turn 6

Lone Multimelta from Tac 3 regroups and fires at Deathwing killing one.
Tac 1 and 2 rapid fires with everything at Deathwing to no effect.

Dark Angels Turn 6

Deathwing moves and to shoot at and assault Tac 2 but only kills 2 of the enemy.
Dread charges into Tac 2 but whiffs his attacks.
Squad Cato moves and runs forward.

Game Ends.

I really enjoyed the game as i found both our lists to be fun. I took what models i had on my collection as did my opponent. I really wanted a Missile Launcher a few times in the game, but i did not have the model here.

It was still quite close fought with lots of casualties on both sides. I think the Deathwing carried the day yet again, fighting through one flank to contest the objective.

My opponent forgot to use the Orbital Bombardment for "Pedro" and i felt he should have shot the Vindicator earlier.

My Interrogator-Chaplains will be busy indeed extracting confessions from the captured Fallen :)


  1. Belial!!! amazing performance in the battle, he show the fallen who's boss!

    Good move with the deathwing terminators, avoiding the vindi and using them to support in the sternguard fire fight.

    drop pods can only hold 10 passengers.
    Pedro + 10 sternguards = 11 hahaha

  2. Oh yeah :) Belial took heaps of fire, only going down in the final turns hehe!

    The Vindi was scary and my first priority. I really miss my Missile Launchers as Plasmacannons can't really hurt it from a distance.

    The Deathwing were great as usual. And its cos of the improved Stormshields. I only took 2 but it made a real difference.

    Ahh..i see...i always thought Drop Pod can 12 lol! I never play Drop Pods much lah ;P

  3. their armour is 12 though, you are partially correct lol