Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Storm Raven WIP updates

Had a really fun weekend! It was the birthday party of GW Brisbane City and they had cake too. I played like 5 games total on that day. It was tiring as i rested for a few days, but very enjoyable :) I think i won 1, lost 2 and drew 2 games.

Met up with my friend Thach from Thach's Creations. We had a really fun game. My Dark Angels vs his Scout Army. He won by 1 objective and also managed to contest mine. It was a really close game and showed the speed and power of the Landspeeder and its variant the Landspeeder Storm :)

Storm Raven Update
I also tried painting the interior of the Storm Raven, but forgot to take interior photos before i glued the chassis haha! So much for that effort.

I did manage to take some shots of the exterior. And some parts of the inside can still be seen.

Front view.

Side view.

Other side view.

Back view.

Top down view.

I don't think i'll be assembling the Storm Raven fully. Have to consider how i'll be transporting it back to Singapore ;)

I also painted up my first squad of Flesh Tearers Space marines. It was also timely that the White Dwarf for this month provided some inspiration. I'm gonna do my mostly Red Gore scheme. The Flesh Tearers in the WD were too black and 'inquisitorial' looking for my tastes ;P

This squad took about 3-4 hours. It was faster than i expected. I used Mechrite Red+Chaos Black (50/50) as my undercoat. Then just layered on Scab Red. Then Red Gore.

Have a great week ahead everyone!


  1. Nice any birthday discount? hahaha Did you see any Dark Eldar webway portal been sold in the GW?


    5 games!! 2 games of 1750 I would be drain for the whole day LOL.

    Once you close it, almost all the details gone... oh the joy of painting for fun.

    oooo very fast, I would love to play against your flesh tearers since I also play BA. Know thyself, know thy enemy!!!

  2. I need to check with the staff there for Webway Portal. Will update u ;) No B'day discount, would have been nice but still more expensive than online hehe!

    The games i had are almost a blur, can't coherently do a batrep lol!

    Sure manz, my Flesh Tearers army will confirm have 3 to 4 Assault Squads in Rhinos, maybe one Tac Squad and the DC. I plan to add 2 Whirlwinds as well. It appears this is the way they fight in the Flesh Tearers fluff ;P

  3. LOL! oh yea you mentioned the battleforce can buy 2 for the price of 1.

    mechanize BA! bring it wahahaha I love to fight mech!