Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dreadnoughts (In Progress)

I assembled and partially played around with the pieces for a bit. I think i can get more out of the 2 Dreadnought kits by indeed not gluing the front panel of the sarcophagus.

Below is the Furioso Librarian Dreadnought as my main build.

IF i do not glue the front armor, i can swap the normal Furioso front and equip it with a Frag Cannon arm and CCW arm :)

The pic below is of my Death Company Dreadnought.

Again by not gluing the front i can sort of also use it as a Furioso if i want. Again
it has the Frag Cannon and the extra Force Weapon arm can be treated as a CCW arm. Alternatively, just swap the front armor and use a Furioso with Blood Talons.

The only difficulty would be the color scheme difference in case of the DC Dread as its colored black. It may not be so obvious if the Chapter colors are Flesh Tearers though lol!

As i will not be gluing shut the front armor, i will have ample opportunity to gaze upon the interior of the Dreadnought. As it is a tad empty, i decided to model some stuff inside.

Did this by adding the occupants of the Dreadnoughts. Though not fully correct fluff wise (i think they are suspended in aminotic fluids), they should fill up the gap quite nicely ;)

I used some extra minis from Reaper Miniatures for the small conversion. The colored panels in the sarcophagus are foam. I plan to spray them black and paint details like panels and buttons on them. Above is the honored brother who pilots the DC Dread.

This here is the Librarian who pilots the Furioso Dreadnought. I will be adding smaller wires and tubes connecting him to the interior at a later date.

They are best friends already heheh :)

Thats all for today. This might take some time to paint.

Have a good day all!


  1. This is brilliant! How are you keeping the dreads swappable?

  2. Hi Ray!

    I'll probably be magnetizing the front armor of the Dreads.

    The arms are easily changeable without any glue or magnets :)