Friday, March 18, 2011

Zakriel of the Deathwing

This is one of my newer Deathwing Terminators. He was painted in about an hour. I had a lot of difficulty getting the paint to stick on the basecoat. I primed him black using a glossy undercoat lol! Two layers of Khemri Brown foundation later, the paint managed to stay on. But it did obscure some of the details.

Zakriel is the next member of my 5-man Deathwing Squad. He carries the fearsome Assault Cannon.

I'm looking forward to going for Friday night gaming at the LGS. I'll leave him as he is now and do more work on him after i get back ;)

Front view.

View of Assault Cannon. Love it when it does some rends :)

Other side view.

Back view.

I wish ye all a good finish to the week and a great weekend ahead ;)


  1. The assault cannon nice! wow 1 hr a model, give me 1hr and all I can do is basecoat + wash a DE warrior hahaha. Guess practice makes perfect.

  2. Thanks man :)

    I rushed in painting the model as i wanted to get him ready for gaming night.

    Didn't fancy the rush though, i think slowly painting and enjoying the process much better hehehe!

  3. But slow painting only make my hand cramp :(

  4. Must endure! Endure~! LOL!

    But seriously, i know what u mean man. I also experience a bit in the beginning. Hopefully it gets better with time ;)