Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dreadnought WIP: Interior Decorating Part 1

I'll be working on my Furioso Librarian Dread first. The foam inserts into the Dreadnought's interior.

Below are (from left to right): Side panel, Back panel and other side panel.

They will be glued into the interior using PVA glue. I'll also be using some Gloss Varnish to make the screens 'shiner' later :)

The interior panels are installed.

This is the pilot of the Dreadnought Brother Kaldonius. He's a convertion from a Reaper Minature from the Chronoscope range. I painted the tubes reddish to represent life giving blood and fluids running through his maimed body.

Back view.

The Furiso Libby Dread with the front armor on.

The pilot in his permanent seat. At least until he cops it to a meltagun lol!

Brother Kaldonius givin' some attitude, clearly unhappy i have not painted the front armor yet.

Till next time ;)

Death Company Pilot added:

Above is Brother Istarael who pilots the Death Company Dreadnought. He will be interred into his sarcophagus soon as its finished up ;)


  1. OMG!!!! PURE WIN! freaking 2+ with rerolls on the mod, paint job and idea.

  2. speechless...

    I think even 'awesome' is an understatement!

  3. Lol! Thanks for the kind words guys!

    I'll take the re-rolls man haha!

    I just couldn't bring myself to leave the interior of the Dread empty ;)