Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Next Project: Storm Raven

I've started with assembly of my first Storm Raven. It was quite ok to assemble most of the parts. But am planning to paint the interior as well. I also may not assemble the entire craft as i need to be able to transport it back home to Singapore lol!

The major pieces above ready for priming and hopefully painting soon. A lot of big flat surfaces, and i don't have an airbrush...It might be a challenge to get that smooth coat on.


Close-up of The Spear of Kaldonius as requested ;)

With camera flash..

Without camera flash.

Hope this one is clearer. I got to maximum zoom heheh!

The Dreadnoughts complete! For Sanguinius!


  1. Thanks for the picture, I will print it out for reference. I also painted the stormraven interior just for kicks lol... hand painting also can achieve smooth coat but more tedious and take longer time. If you want can come my place to airbrush the storm raven.

    Those 2 dreads looks marvelous together, blood talons anyone?

    I dont think the Flesh tearers will be shouting "For Sanguinius!!" too busy slaughtering in hand to hand. hahahaha

  2. No probs man.

    Hey cool, i always wanted to try some airbrushing.

    Lol yar, the Flesh Tearers are a bloodthirsty & unhinged lot :D