Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ezra of the Deathwing

Painted up another Deathwing Terminator today.
He's armed with Twin Lightning Claws.

Brother Ezra is newly inducted into the Deathwing Company and is eager to prove his worth to the Chapter.

Side view.

Other view.

Back view.

Will be basing him soon. Still considering grey slate base or red sand.

My Dark Angels List thus far at 1000 points:

1x Master of Deathwing 130pts
Twin Lightning Claws

Dreadnought 155pts

5x Deathwing Terminators 275pts
TH/SS (Apothecary upgrade)

10x Tactical Marines 215pts
Sgt w/PF & meltabombs,
1 Plasmacannon, 1 Flamer

10x Tactical Marines 225pts
Sgt w/PF& meltabombs,
1 Plasmacannon, 1 Plasmagun

I'll be using the above list for games at the LGS :) Had a game with it so far and its been real fun.

For the Lion!


  1. His T.armour looks brand new fresh from the factory. Totally look like a new bird hahaha. Very high model count there for a marine army at 1k. How does it perform?

  2. Yea man :) this is one of my 'newer' Deathwing. The model actually don't have previous layers of paint on it LOL!

    I used the list first time last week. It did quite well and we managed to win in a 2 vs 2 game claiming all 2 objectives.

    One Tac Squad stubbornly held the objective while the other Tac Squad and the Deathwing went for the other.

    It was a tough battle as the 2 opponents we versus were combined IG. The Manticore alone accounted for almost 20 Tau Warriors. We also had to contend with a Basilik, 3 Leman Russes and a Lightning craft. There were also plenty of guardsmen platoons and some Vets in Chimeras.

    My Tau ally only had 2 Broadsides with Shield Drone left at Turn 3. And the enemy obj was on the top floor of the Wizard Tower (Fantasy Terrain piece).

    Fun game though as the Deathwing carried the day. The new improved Storm Shield is awesome! As is the FNP Apothecary hehe :)

  3. Nice NMM!

    Where are the pics from the game? You should definitely post more on our blog! Need contributors! LOL!

  4. Lightning? 1 of them playing elysian drop troops?

    lucky they went for the tau, thinking the DA are no threat hahaha

    A good IG is a dead 1

  5. @enrgie
    Thanks dude :)

    I didn't take pictures, always forget to bring camera...sigh..

    Yeah man haha! It was a normal IG list, but he used a Lightning fighter. We were all ok with it :)