Thursday, August 26, 2010

Projected Projects

Necron Army

I am at the tail end of my Necron Army project. Its been a fun experience and the process brought about many questions for me about mortality and the price of vengeance. A lot of food for thought there as well(and i'm not referring to the creations of the Old Ones hehe).

This is however merely the beginning, as the followers of Mephet'ran will still be taking to the field of battle ;) I have also posted up my Army Profile for the Necrons at Anything But Ones blog.


I've just finished reading the novel Helsreach. I would recommend it as its a great read. I am thusly inspired to work on my Black Templars again :))

The Ravenor Project

Today also sees me receiving my orders from Reaper Miniatures. This brings Ravenor's team to near completion. I'm only lacking the mini to represent Wystan Frauka (aka The Psychic Blank/ Untouchable).

The minis i received from Reaper this week were Reggie Van Zandt and Nick Stone, both sculpted by the talented B. Jackson. Reggie is the dude with the big a$$ Rotator cannon gun. He will be a good representation of Zeph Mathuin. I just have to sculpt him some dreadlocks. The other mini directly behind Ravenor's chair is Nick Stone, and he will be representing Harlon Nayl. The gun he's holding can be a counts as Hercutar pistol.

Will post updates again as they happen ;)

The weekend is around the corner. Have a great rest of the week everyone!


  1. Oh yes Helsreach! I like it too, Grimaldus is 1 bad ass marine LOL. I was inspired to start BT also partially because of the book.

    Hey Skanwy where did you buy the reaper miniatures from?
    I intend to get some reaper miniatures also but looking for alternative online stores besides the official one.

  2. Yeah man! I am liking Grimaldus lots after the novel :) Had a second look at his entry in the codex, and he's actually quite worth it points wise. I might try him out sometime.

    I got the Reaper minis from their online store from the US ( It took 10 days for delivery, which was pretty good in my book ;)) Sometimes they will add extras if got promo so dun be surprised to find extra items in your order hehe!

    The Reaper minis from the LGS here is a bit higher in price compared to Reaper direct, and that is including the shipping cost.

    Give them a try man, they've got heaps of great lookin' minis!

  3. Ok thx man, I will buy from the official online store.

  4. No probs :)

    Check out the Angel of Radiance mini. I just got it yesterday. Its a really beautiful sculpt.

    Linky here:

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