Friday, August 20, 2010

The Reaper Lord

My Necron Destroyer Lord is almost done! :))

Got him painted up fast as he will be following me tomorrow for a game. I will hopefully be able to get a game in to playtest how he works. Will swap the Deceiver for him and also adding 1 Tomb Spyder and 2 Destroyers to my 1K list.

Front View.

Side view.

Back View.

A lot of details on this one. I made it easier to paint by spamming Boltgun Metal and washes ;)


  1. Fantastic as usual! Would love to play against such wonderfully painted skelli-termintors from the future man!

  2. Thanks Krom!

    I'll definitely have a game with u when i get back. Hopefully somewhere towards the end of November :)

    You still having games with your Wolves?

  3. Nice I like the armour even though it was spam with washes, glowing big axe scary LOL.