Thursday, August 5, 2010

Necron Scarbs

Just finished up these cute little buggers :)

Front view. I didn't notice it at first, but they have cute little bunny teeth below their single eye.

Top view of the Scarab swarm.

They'll be used to tie up or distract the enemy. They are fast and can also gain good cover saves. I'm talkin' about 3+ in buildings. I reckon they'll be great at tying up Devastator squads, or if equipped with Disrupter fields can even stun tanks. Not too shabby for small beetles ;)


  1. Looking good, I really like the scarbs.

    How and what paint did you used to get that effect on the scarbs? (the metallic body)

  2. Thanks dude :)

    I used Boltgun Metal over black undercoat. Need to get the undercoat of boltgun smooth. Then layer on undiluted Badab Black. When its dried, i give it a watered down wash of Devlan Mud. And its done. Optional highlights can be done with boltgun metal/ chainmail mix at the edges.

  3. Thx for the tips. Got somemore questions hehe :)

    For the badab black, do you flood the whole surface with the wash or just enough to cover the silver parts?

    For the devlan mud, do you flood the whole surface or just focus on the recess or inner surface?

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  5. Nice.

    I love these cockroaches aka xiao qiang =)

    Keep them coming. An inspiration as always!

  6. @crazyrat: No probs man. Yup i wash the whole surface with Badab Black. The Devlan Mud are for areas which i feel i want to feel more weathered. But since its watered down, its also ok to wash it over the whole model. I did skip washing Devlan Mud over the legs of them Scarabs, so they look 'shinier'.

    @Krom: Thanks man! I like them lots too hehe! These are terminator's xiao qiang ;P