Thursday, August 5, 2010


The Inquisition of the 40K Universe is quite an interesting organization and not too dissimilar to its predecessors of olde. At most times it is myopic, paranoid and just plain callous. But it is great to know there are still individuals (Inquisitors & those in their employ included) within the ranks who still do have compassion and sparks of humanity ;)

I really loved the Eisenhorn and Ravenor novels. While i enjoyed Eisenhorn more, i am more drawn to his one time student, Gideon Ravenor. Although physically bound to a chair for life support, he still manages to accomplish great things when he puts his mind to it (pun intended).

I decided to try to make recreate Ravenor's warband. Its still a work in progress, but heres what i got so far.

The Making of Ravenor

The 'chair' is based on a plastic clip used to seal stuff. Its the white clip thingy in the pic above. The bonnet of the chair is done by using a plastic comb pictured above. I cut all the teeth of the comb away.

I settled on a smaller purple clip for the chair. The plastic comb's main body is placed on the top of the purple clip. The teeth bits of the comb were used to fill in the gaps and make it more streamline. Greenstuff added for extra strength in holding the hodge podge of bits together.

Side view.

Front view. I'll be adding a grav plate below at later stage. Am actually awaiting my Space Marine Dreadnaughts to arrive. Will borrow some purity seals from the Dread to add onto Ravenor's chair :)

I also found some miniatures to represent a few members of his warband. My choices once again are selected from Reaper Miniatures, particularly their excellent Chronoscope range. I found Reaper minis to be of really good quality and imagination.

Here they are:

(Betty Space Heroine by Gene Van Horne). I'll be using her to represent Kara Swole. Just have to replace the funny gun she got there haha! Kara is described as a quite voluptuous woman in the novels. I think this mini to be quite suitable ;)

(Natalia Female Secret Agent by Jeff Grace). I'll be using her to represent Patience Kys. She's slim enough and i'll probably add some sleek thin knives on her to represent her kine blades.

And last but not least,

(Andre Durand Time Chaser by Bob Ridolfi). He will be representing Ravenor's protege, Carl Thonius.

I'm still looking for GW or minis from other ranges to do Zeph Mathuin, Harlon Nayl and lastly Wystan Frauka. Am open to suggestions :))


  1. Cant wait for the finished project. I Cant help you here though, I never read the =I= series.

  2. Lol! No probs man. I'll post updates as it comes along.

    Btw, the Inquisition books, with the exception of the Draco ones, are quite a good read ;)