Monday, August 2, 2010

Necrons WIP Update:

March of the Tin Cans

A pic of the Warriors basecoated with Boltgun metal and washed with Badab Black and Devlan Mud. They are the only troops choice for the Necron army and are quite precious hehe!

The Flying Toasters

A Destroyer sporting the Phantom of the Opera look.

I had wanted to paint up the army fast and furious. But i couldn't help adding details here and there, slowing down the entire process. Ah well...

I also painted some symbols on the back carapace. The one of the left side is the Fast Attack symbol and the right one is the Necrontyr symbol.

Group shot of the 6 Destroyers.

I got on the bandwagon and placed an online order for 4 more Destroyers and 2 Tomb Spyders :)


  1. I like the free hand necrontyr symbol on the destroyers and their burnt copper rusty look show their "lao jiao" status destroyers coming back for more.

    YES more goodies FTW!

  2. Superb free hand! And totally I agree with Crazyrat's comment about the copper rusty look.

    Awesome. It's almost like these guys will ALWAYS BE BACK! lol

  3. Thanks lots guys :)

    @crazyrat: Muahaha! The 'lao jiao' always get 'chosen' by me to take the bullet ;)

    @Krom: Yea manz, i hope they'll Be Back too and not abandon me on the field. I velly scared their software 'hang' lol!

  4. Great job man! Very quick too! I wanna play against them! How many points you have of Necrons now?

    Tell me you're getting a Monolith too!

  5. @enrgie: I have 1K points now. With my orders incoming i can move it up to 1.5K.

    Also got some (i.e 28) spare Necron warriors that are on the way from home hehe! They can be converted into 10 Immortals and 10 Flayers. I should then be able to hit 1750 points easy :))

    Still not too keen about gettin' a Monolith tho.... cos i heard its not really nice to come up against one lol!