Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Harvest Begins...

Managed to get in a game at the LGS yesterday :)

I had planned to use my Destroyer Lord, but a challenge was laid out by my opponent to the Deceiver, who responded with much mirth.

It was a battle for the Necrons against the Crimson Fists Space Marine Chapters.

Crimson Fist List

Pedro Cantor

Librarian in Terminator Armor
Might of Ancients, Gate (Teleport power)

Venerable Dreadnaught
Multimelta, Heavy Flamer, Extra Armor

5 Terminators:
1 with Lightning Claw
4 with Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield

Tactical Squad 1 (Cantor joins this Squad)
6 Marines
Sgt with Powerfist, 1 Marine with Plasmagun

Tactical Squad 2
6 Marines: Plasmacannon, Plasmagun

5 Scouts
1 Heavy Bolter
3 Sniper Rifles
Sgt with Bolt Pistol/ CCW

Not sure of opponent’s exact points cost.

Necrons List:


10 Necron Warriors
10 Necron Warriors

3 Necron Destroyers
3 Necron Destroyers
3 Scarab Swarms

Total: 996 points

Opponent won first turn and deployed everything. I kept both Necron Warrior squads in reserve. Objectives were placed. I tried to seize initiative and rolled a 1.

Mission: Capture and Control
Deployment: Spearhead

The following BatRep is a bit of a read be prepared ;)
Crimson Fist Turn 1

Tac Sqd 1 with Pedro Cantor move forward towards the Aegis Line for cover.
Librarian and Terminators do the Gate of Infinity and after some scattering land up near the Necron objective.
Ven. Dread moves forward towards Ruins 1, readying its Multimelta.
Scouts stay put and train whisper the Rites of Firing.
Tac Sqd 2 does not move and guards the Crimson Fist Objective.
Pedro and Tac Sqd 1 Run towards the Statue.
Termis and Libby also Run, now even closer to Necron objective.
Ven. Dread shoots Multimelta and takes down a Destroyer.


Necrons Turn 1

Deceiver moves through Ruins 1 and smiles at Libby and Termis.
Scarabs move forward to speed bump Ven Dread.
Destroyers 1 move up and train their guns on Ven Dread.
Destroyers 2 move out and train their guns on Termis.

Destroyers 1 shoot at Ven Dread, only manage to cause it to be Shaken. Ven Dread can still move.
Deceiver uses Deceive power on Termis and they pass morale easily. Deceiver stands right in front of Termis and Libby.
Destroyer 2 shoot at Termis and do 5 wounds, all saved on 2+.


Crimson Fists Turn 2

Ven Dread. moves towards Scarabs and stops 1 inch away.
Termis and Libby move towards Deceiver.
Pedro and Tac Sqd 1 move forwards Aegis Line nearest to Necron quarter.
Scouts do not move.
Tac Sqd 2 does not move.

Scouts shoot at Deceiver and do 1 wound, which was saved.
Ven Dread shoots Scarabs and misses.

Ven Dread charges Scarabs and wounds them 3 times. All Scarabs instant killed.
Termis and Libby charge Deceiver who uses Misdirect ability and gleefully floats away. Termis and Libby consolidate.

Necrons Turn 2

Reserve Rolls made. Only one Necron Warrior Squad come in behind the crater.

Deceiver moves up near. Termis and Libby. Deceiver looks at Pedro Cantor with interest.
Destroyers 2 move behind Necron Warriors.

Deceiver uses Deceive on Pedro’s squad but he passes morale easily.
Necron Warriors and Destroyers 2 shoot Termis and Libby. 1 Termi fails his 2+ save and dies.
Destroyers 1 shoot at Ven Dread, but to no effect.

Crimson Fist Turn 3

Pedro and Tac Sqd 1 surge forwards towards Necron Warriors.
Ven Dread moves towards Destroyers 1.
Termi and Libby moves charges Deceiver again.
Pedro Cantor, Tac Sqd 1 and Scouts shoot at Necron Warriors accounting for 2 casualties. WBB rolls to be made next turn.
Ven Dread assaults Destroyer Sqd 1 and wipes them out.
Termis and Libby assault Deceiver who again Misdirects and opponent consolidates 1 inch from him again.

NecronsTurn 3

Reserve Rolls made and my last Necron Warrior Sqd turns up.
WBB: I fail my WBB rolls for the 2 Necron Warriors downed last turn.

Deceiver looks irritated at Termis and Libby.
Both Necron Warrior Squads stays put.
Destroyers do not move as well.

Both Warrior squads and Destroyers shoot at Pedro Cantor and Tac Sqd 1, inflicitng 3 casualties. Pedro passes moral.

Deceiver charges Termis and Libby. Libby and 1 Termi are killed, their invulnerable saves no protection at all.

Crimson Fist Turn 4

Pedro and Tac Sqd 1 move towards Necron Warriors directly in front of them.
Ven Dread moves up and around Ruins 1.

Tac Sqd 1 and Pedro Cantor shoot at Necron Warriors. Plasmagun taking one Warrior down.
Scouts shoot Destroyers and one falls to Rending shot from a sniper rifle.
Deceiver kills off Termis and consolidates towards Pedro Cantor.
Pedro Cantor and Tac Sqd 1 assaults Necron Warriors. Pedro and Sgt’s Powerfists take out 3 Warriors. Warriors hit back and surprisingly down one Marine.
Warriors pass morale check.

Necrons Turn 4

Deceiver moves towards Pedro Cantor and Tac Sqd 1.
Warrior Sqd 1 still in combat with Pedro and gang.
Warrior Sqd 2 moves up towards Necron objective.
Destroyers move toward Scouts in Bastion.

Destroyers shoot Scouts and despite their improved cover save, 3 go down. Scouts pass morale check.

Deceiver charges Pedro and remnants of Tac Sqd 1 wiping them out.

Crimson Fists Turn 5

Ven Dread moves towards Necron Objective.

Ven Dread fires Multimelta at Deceiver but Deceiver makes his Invuln save.


Necrons Turn 5

Deceiver and both Necron Warrior Squads move towards Necron Objective.
Destroyers move towards direction of Dreadnaught.
Deceiver runs 1 inch.
Necron Warriors and Destroyers shoot at Ven Dread. Although Destroyers cause 2 Imobolised results, the Ven Dread rule for rerolls only cause him to be shaken.


Turn 6 ensues as a 5 is rolled! Again I lengthen my games lol!

Crimson Fists Turn 6

Ven Dread moves towards Necron Warriors 2.

Ven Dread fire Multimelta and a Warrior dies with no WBB.
Plasma cannon from Tac Sqd 2 fires and Hits! 4 Warriors go down.

Ven Dread assaults and only kills one more Warrior. No WBB for warrior.
Next turn only 4 Warriors can do WBB.

Necrons Turn 6

All 4 Warriors make WBB rolls!

Deceiver moves towards Ven Dread.
Destroyers turbo boost to Crimson Fist objective.

No Shooting.

Deceiver destroys Ven Dread despite opponent making me re-roll for all the Pen. Results. Ven Dread explodes but cause no wounds to Necrons. Deceiver consolidates 6 inches towards remaining Space Marines.

Crimson Fists Turn 7


Plasma cannon, Plasmagun and rapid fire bolters kill off the Destroyers. I had to make 8 saves and failed 2.


Necrons Turn 7

Warrior Squads surround home objective.
Deceiver moves forward.
Deceiver uses Deceive on Tac Sqd 2 but they pass on an D6 roll of 8.


Game Ends and the result is a DRAW.

The Deceiver has yet again single handedly helped me to a draw. He's an awesome miniature and a beast in combat. I did forget to use the Grand Illusion power again. I could have redeployed at the other side of the table and his Ven Dread would have to walk a lot further to get to me.

Not sure if leaving my Necron Warriors in Reserve was a good idea. I could have used the extra firepower in Turn 2.

Note: Necron graphics used without permission from Forum Necron. No challenge intended to original artiste. I will gladly remove the graphics upon request.


  1. Another good and interesting batrep. I like the necron cartoon icons.

    The deceiver using misdirect and luring the angry terminators and lib closer and closer LOL very clever.

    The ven dread sure is hard to die. (old garlic is hotter - chinese proverb)

    You would have won if the game end on turn 6 as your turbo destroyer would be contesting SM objective. Nicely played. Make me eager to try my BA against deceiver also.

  2. Thanks man :)

    Yea i like the necron cartoons too. If i run it in powerpoint, each of them has their unique way of moving lol!

    Agree there, Turn 7 turns out to be another twist in the battle. And yup, the Venerable Dread took a lot to take down.

    It was a fun game though. Opponent was much younger than me but he plays really well :)