Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tomb Spyders

I also just had my Tomb Spyders done up :)

Their first Tomb awakening in a long long time.

Side view of the Spyders. Probably on their way to the men's room after a decade of slumber lol!

They were like their Necron brethren quick to paint up. I added some gold on the legs to tie them in with their leader, The Deceiver himself.

I'll probably be using them to support my Necron Warriors from the back lines. They will help with WBB rolls and provide some distraction in the form of countercharge when needed.


  1. I got inspired to paint again hahaha. Need daily dose of your painted miniatures to motivate me to paint.

  2. Lol! No probs man :)) I'm gonna be doing up another 10 Necron Warriors, 4 more Destroyers and 8 bases of Scarabs.

    Will post pics again soon ;)

    You doing your BA at the moment?

  3. Recently caught the 8th ed fantasy bug, currently I'm fixing up my VC, but my BA are waiting to be painted and slaanesh also calling out to me to assemble a DOC army.

  4. Nice! I also doing up my Man-at-arms :) But i have been distracted by the robots of late haha!

    Woah! Slaanesh! It will be pleasurable ;P