Monday, August 9, 2010

Reinforcements Arrive

My online orders arrived today! So the Christmassy feeling is quite keenly felt again :)))

Pictured above are 2 Space Marine Dreadnoughts (for my Black Templars), 4 Necron Destroyers and the Mantic Elves (Hail of Arrows Detachment).

The Elves
The Mantic Elves look really good (20 in all plus a War Machine). Although slim, they give the impression of an unearthly grace. They are however slightly shorter than their GW brethren.

There is a goodly amount of detail on each Elf. And the extras like the soldier victims and Elven cat are of also great quality. I really like the different poses of the Mantic Elves as they remind me of the Melnibonean Elves of Dragon Isle. The poses are subtly different but at the same time allows them to be ranked up nicely

The Warmachine looks quite petite compared to its GW counterpart. But still quite nicely crafted. The design is also quite different yet refreshing to the eyes.

Heres wishing everyone a fruitful week ahead!

Edit: Oops! Forgot to mention that pictured above are also 2 Tomb Spyders for me Necron army ;)


  1. Goodies again! enjoy looking at them even though not mine hahaha.

    The mantic elves box have injured elves bits inside?

  2. Yup yup, got 2 some more :) And they even are in different poses.