Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Necron BatRep

Planet Strike!
I had a game at the local GW on Saturday. There was a Planet Strike Campaign going on with the backdrop of a Daemonic Incursion. I was playing my shiny new Necron army. I was going up against IG. It was only a 1000pt game as space and table space was kinda limited in the store.

Mission: Seize and Destroy
I needed to be in base contact with the Bastion (vital objective) without any of my opponent's unit present in order to win.

Opponent's Strategems:
Trench Network

My Strategem:
Darken the Skies (good fluff choice i think)

Opponent's List
I can't remember the specific armaments of opponent's squads but they had a mix of flamers, grenade launchers and meltaguns.

Company Cmd

Guardsman Marbo

Platoon Cmd
Infantry Squad 1
Infantry Squad 2
Infantry Squad 3
Infantry Squad 4
Penal Legion Squad (Gunslingers)


Leman Russ Demolisher w/Lascannon/ Sponson Heavy Bolters

My List:

1x The Deceiver

10x Necron Warriors
10x Necron Warriors

3x Destroyers
3x Destroyers
3x Scarab Swarms

I rolled and got 4 Firestorms. They ALL landed up as 4 craters at the back of my opponent's table quarter LOL! Not one guardsman was injured.

Necrons Turn 1

Necron Turn 1


1 Squad of warriors and 1 Squad Destroyers do not come in. I roll 2 for Reserve roll.

I moved up Deceiver 6 inches and he ran 5 inches to hide behind statue.

Necron warriors walked on 6 inches from hill.

Scarabs and Destroyers move 12 inches to get as close to Ruins 1 as possible for cover.


I shot Destroyers at Infantry 1 and did 3 wounds, all were saved.

Assault: None.

IG Turn 1

IG Turn 1: I informed opponent in advance I will use the Darken the Skies Strategem ahead of his shooting phase.


IG squads and tanks come in left and right. Mainly they come on to my Deployment Zone where most of my troops are at. Opponent rolls mostly 5 and 6 for which Board Edge his forces come in. The Chem cannon on the Banewolf and the Meltas and Flamers on the infantry are bad news. Marbo also comes in!


A shooting orgy from infantry and tanks sees the Necrons down to 3 Warriors. 2 Destroyers are also down. Of the fallen Necrons, only 2 Warriors do not qualify for WBB next turn (they were wounded by meltas).

Marbo and Platoon Cmd squad shoot at Deceiver but fail to cause any wounds.

1 base of Scarabs die. Scarabs amazingly make 3 out of 6 armor saves from a flamer. Flamer caused 3 wounds so I have to take double wounds cause it’s a template attack.


Infantry 4 charge remaining Necron warriors and are wiped out. Infantry consolidates forward to Ruins 1 as does the Penal Legion. Necrons make all morale checks. Infantry 3 charge Scarabs and kills them all with no losses.

Necron Turn 2

Necrons Turn 2: My remaining Necrons all come in from Reserves.

WBB: All Destroyers make their WBB rolls J


Deceiver moves 6 inches towards IG Infantry 1.

Warriors come in behind Infantry 4 and Penal Legion. Destroyers Sqd 2 come in behind Banewolf.

Destroyers Sqd 1 move forward to front of Ruins 1.


Warriors rapid fire Infantry 4, leaving only a single flamer guardsman alive. He rolls double 1’s for morale. Insane Courage!!

Destroyers Sqd 2 behind Banewolf shoot and destroys its Chem cannon (yaay!) and also shakes it. Banewolf can move but not shoot next turn.

Destroyer Sqd 1 shoots at Infantry 3 and only one guardsman survives. He runs.

Deceiver uses Deceive ability on Infantry 2 and they fail moral and run 11 inches towards opponent’s table edge.


Only Deceiver charges into Infantry 1 and deal 4 wounds. Infantry fails moral and runs, but is wiped out due to sweeping advance. Deceiver consolidates within 3 inches of Infantry 2, who will have to continue fleeing.

IG Turn 2

IG Turn 2:


Marbo and Platoon Cmd chase after the Deceiver.

Hellhound moves to position to flame Necron warriors. Penal Legion moves and turns around to be in position for rapid fire. Banewolf moves downhill.

Infantry 2 flees off the table. Com Cmd earlier tried orders for Infantry 2 to “Get back into the Fight” but fails on a roll of 10.

Lone guardsman from Infantry 3 continues fleeing.


Hellhound, Penal Legion and Lone guardsman from Sqd 3 flame and shoot Warriors but only 4 drop. The 4 warriors can go for WBB next turn.

Melta, Krak grenade shots and Bastion Heavy Bolters result in 1 downed and 1 permanently dead Destroyer from Sqd 1 (in front of Ruins 1).

Deceiver takes a wound from Demolisher cannon, but saves the Lascannon shot.


Penal Legion and lone guardsman assault Warrior squad but did not deal any wounds to Warriors. Warriors strike back and account for 5 guardsmen from Penal Legion. Penal Legion fails moral and flees. Lone guardsman also runs.

Warriors consolidate downhill.

Necron Turn 3

Necrons Turn 3:

WBB: Destroyer from Sqd 1 makes his WBB roll. 2 out of 4 Necron Warriors make their WBB roll. 8 Warriors left.


Deceiver moves towards Leman Russ Demolisher.

Destroyer Sqd 1 moves into contact with Bastion and survive the Las-maze.

Destroyer Sqd 2 moves behind Hellhound to shoot later.

Warriors shuffle down the hill towards Penal Legion.


Destroyer Sqd 1 shoots Bastion but does nothing.

Destroyers Sqd 2 scores 2 penetrating and 1 glancing hit on Hellhound, destroying its flame cannon, immobilizing it and it can’t shoot next turn.

Warriors kill all of Penal Legion.


Deceiver charges Demolisher and wrecks it.

IG Turn 3

IG Turn 3:


Marbo and Platoon Cmd moves forward toward Destroyer Sqd 1.


Com Cmd, Platoon Cmd and Bastion Heavy Bolters shoots Destroyer Sqd 1. Destroyers all die and as a result have with no WBB rolls.


Necron Turn 4

Necron Turn 4:


Warriors move forward full 6 inches.

Deceiver moves towards Bastion.

Destroyers Sqd 2 moves into contact with Bastion. One Destroyer falls to Las-maze. Will be able to attempt WBB next turn.


Destroyers shoot Platoon Cmd and wipe them out.

Deceiver Runs five inches and is now only 3 inches away from Bastion.

Warriors fire on the Banewolf and destroy its frontal flamer and it cannot move or shoot next turn.



IG Turn 4

IG Turn 4:


Marbo moves to within 6 inches of Destroyers.

Lone guardsman from Infantry 4 halts his retreat and moves back to position to flame Necron warriors.


Combined shooting from Bastion and Demo charge (a hit!) wipe out Destroyers in contact with Bastion.

Lone guardsman with flamer flames Warriors but scores no wounds.


Lone Guardsmancharges and dies heroically in the ensuing close combat. Warriors consolidate 4 inches forwards.

Necron Turn 5

Necron Turn 5:


Deceiver moves to within one inch of Bastion. 8 remaining Warriors move forward a few inches.


Warriors shoot Marbo and he goes to ground for a 4+ cover save. Marbo survives with 1 wound left.


Deceiver assaults Bastion and explodes it. 1 Guardsman from Bastion dies.

IG Turn 5

IG Turn 5:


Opponent informs that Marbo will be moving next turn to lob another Demo charge into warriors.

Other than that nothing else moves.


Company Cmd uses bring it down on Deceiver and wound it with Meltagun shot. Deceiver has 3 wounds remaining.

Things look bad for Company Cmd.

Nearby Lone Guardsman from Infantry 3 turns back to rapid fire lasgun at Warriors but fails to wound.



Game continues on a roll of 5…

Necron and IG Turn 6

Necron Turn 6:


Deceiver moves into wrecked Bastion and smiles at Company Cmd. He takes 2 Las-maze tests and passes.

Warriors stay put.


Warriors afraid of Phase Out and Marbo’s demo-charge. They shoot Marbo and he goes to ground again but he did not make any of his saves. Marbo falls.


Deceiver assaults Company Cmd and wipes them out.

IG Turn 6:


Remaining guardsman runs.





Game Ends as opponent rolls a 2.

I had only 8 Necron warriors left and the Deceiver. Had I lost 1 more Warrior, I would have Phased Out. It was a close fight.


  1. Nice batrep! I like the format. What program did you used for the pictures? (M$ paint?) Planet strike games are always very bloody. Cant wait to play a planet strike game with titans and all the super heavies.

    Good play at your turn 2, after the IG nearly killed off all your warriors in turn 1.

    I find that your opponent made a mistake in chasing after the deceiver with his platoon command sq + marbo.

    He should move them closing to your warriors and kill them off with everything. (platoon com giving 1st rank fire to penal to rapid the warriors and marbo either use demo charge or his ripper gun on the warriors)

    Lastly marbo demo charge can only use ONCE. He has 1 demo charge and is 1 shot.

  2. Thanks dude :)

    I used MS Powerpoint to do the BatMap. Cos when i run the slideshow, i can see the little units moving and disappearing. Quite fun to watch lol!

    Aha, i also suspected Marbo only had one Demo-charge. A couple of demos can be quite heavy and taxing to carry about, even for the legendary Marbo hehe!

    I agree man, he should have focused on my troops and try for phase out. I wasn't sure why he chased my Deceiver....maybe he was deceived too ahahaha!!

    I was actually quite sure i would lose as 2 different unit types of mine came in. I need 2 of the same units present/ next to each other to do WBB. But it turned out well, and the Deceiver claimed a mysterious artifact from the ruins of the bastion ;)

  3. oh idea M$ powerpoint, nv thought of that hahaha. I'm going to try it also.

    The deceiver sure is 1 tricky god.

    fluffy, getting a secret artifact the mystery of the c'tan continues...

  4. Powerpoint quite fun. And also at every slide there is a notes section where you can type the comments to cut and paste later to da blog :)

    I will try to get another game this Saturday. The campaign is till end of August..