Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The 4 Necron Destroyers below are from a very recent purchase. Just have some detailing work to be done. They are however good to go as they are for the gaming table. This will bring my Destroyer models to 10.

The gang of 4 on their wobbly flyin' bases. The one Destroyer in the rear is poseable as he is pinned from the chest to the skimmer body.

Another view. All the green rods are glued with PVA on the ends. I've seen better versions of the Gauss weaponary using paper clips to substitute the rods. But i'm too lazy to try it haha!

Destroyer Lord Assembly

The poseable Destroyer will also double up as a Destroyer Lord if needed.

The Destroyer Lord combination. Will still have to paint up the lord's body. He was ok to pin together, not too much hassle. I'll have to find another base though as its being a tad unstable.

Thats all for today ;)


  1. Going strong here, a painted 1.5k army in less than a month.

  2. I want to do a Necron army when the new models come out.

  3. @crazyrat: Yea man, they are easier to paint as compared to other armies ;)

    @BeefNuggets: Really ah! Steady lah! i didn't know got new Necrons coming. Is it gonna be this year or 2011? Wonder how they will update the rulez though.

    If the BA and SW models are the current quality of minis, the later ranges should be real cool too :))

  4. If give me paint, maybe take a few years hahaha...

    Necrons according to the rumours in warseer, will be after GK, around 2011 apr/may or later by a few months.