Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some WIP Updates...

Assembled Goodies (from the day before)

The Space Marine Dreadnoughts are fun to assemble. The Tomb Spyders, not so fun haha! Had to pin a lot of the parts like all the legs, arms, claws and head. The contact points were either small in area or challenging in terms of angling. Glad its done! The Spyders look quite good in an ugly sort of way ;P

WIP Destroyer Lord

I used the 4th Necron Destroyer to double up as my Destroyer Lord if needed. I just need to adjust the spine on the Destroyer body so i can mix and match. For the Lord upper torso, i have selected the mini from Privateer Press Warmachine. He is the Lich Lord Venethrax from Cryx. The mini is really nicely sculpted and looks really aggressive. He will add a bit of character into a largely robotic army :)

WIP Necron Lord with Rez Orb

This mini is also from the Warmachine and is also from the Cryx range. He is excellently sculpted and a great alternative to the codex lord. Again he adds a bit of eye candy to a rather uniform army.

BT Scouts Update

Heres some updates on my beloved Black Templars army. They have not been forgotten amidst the Necron frenzy haha! I'm trying to follow Ray (enrgie) and Melvin's (Beef Nuggets) suggestion/tip of blotting out the main colors. Its working out well as BT's are mainly black and white :))

Where Sleeping Elves Lie...

A pic of the Mantic Elves (the dead ones). I placed an old S'pore 10 cent coin for scale. They are really well sculpted for dead elves. Thats quality right there man! I'm tempted to get more elves from Mantic Games hehehe!

Thats all for now :)


  1. I hate pinning also lol... metal models if dont pin will break apart if carry around even in sponge transport.

    I see cryx warcasters here, when want to start warmachine? I got the mk2 rule book and enough cryx models to play 35-50 pt games. So far krom had bought the menoth plastic starter box, hope can get some games of warmachine.

    Good pose for the dead elves. I'm also getting the mantic elves to get the dead bodies lol... which box set you bought that include the dead bodies?

  2. @crazyrat: Yo manz! How's it going?

    Umm...i'll most probably be playin' Retribution of Scyrah. But i dun have the rules so not too sure how to play heheh! We can try a game when i get back yar? ;))

    I got the Mantic Elves: Hail of Arrows Detachment box set. How come u need dead elves lol?

  3. The dead elves look good.

    I shudder to think that they actually look better than the live ones. Let's hope I am wrong!

    Love your scouts. As always, they are highly entertaining =)

  4. @Krom: Thanks man! I painted the middle scout to look like he's smiling ;)

    The live elves look great as well haha! But all elves are pretty lah heehee!

  5. @Krom

    I got 100+ (4 boxes) of mantic games elves at my place. You can preview them if Jaeroler (your long lost DE brother)lol allow.


    I need the dead elves bodies for base decorations and also to taunt my elf opponent.

  6. @crazyrat: Wah, cool! Dats a lot of Mantic Elves man! Jaeroler is starting HE army?

    Heheh! I like the taunting of opponent ;) Makes for really fun battles!

  7. The Dark Elves have new recruits.

    Finally, I will be using elven models rather than goblins for my full spearmen detachments.

    Sure, YC, open the boxes and take pictures of the dead elves that came in the boxsets.

  8. @JaeRoler: Steady lah! You're gonna have a lotta Elves man! I think close to 90 or 100 :))) It will be a glorious sight on the field of battle!

    I will kinda miss the goblins, but am real looking forward to see the Elves too lol!