Sunday, May 30, 2010

Terrain and WIP Updates

Brush Woes

My brush, especially the fine detail one has had an accident. Its shelf life is over. Can't use it to paint much now. The stock for new fine detail brush will come in week. So nothing to paint for the Tale at the moment.

Managed to get two Sanguinary Guard's details done before brush had its accident. With a day till next week, i settled to make some terrain just for fun. If it turns out ok, i may bring it back to Singapore for the guys to use :))

Terrain Making

I've gotten down to the local craft store earlier and bought some stuff from their sale bin :)

Got the pen grip thingys for 99 cents and the styrofoam shapes for $1.99. Got another tub of the foam like clay to play with again ;)
Magic Mushies

I used the rubber pen grip thing and a styro circle shape to make a mushroom. The top of the mushroom is made from the foam clay.

The mushroom stands a bit taller than most minis, maybe about 32mm. The height can be adjusted by trimming the pen 'stalk'. I can make a few mushroom forests for games. The color for the mushies will be purplish turquoise mix :))

Depot Set

Also attempting to make a Depot Station for 40k out of used stuff. The set will probably have 3 pieces.

The fuel storage stations.

The waste or tool storage sheds.

And a bunker, not shown here. Still waiting for the glue to dry before priming black. It will be painted in catachan green mix, similar to the army truck color :)



  1. Looking great (as usual)! Can't wait to see those terrain in action man =)

    Btw, what brushes are you using? Maybe I can paint half as well if I use the same brush? haha.

  2. Hi Krom :)

    My fav brush was a Mont Marte Taklon Detailer. Usually i use the Franchville brushes from Sri Lanka hehe!

    Oh ya! I tried posting on your blog earlier but had some trouble with the security thingy lol!

    I'm looking forward to seeing the White Scars bro :) And its great to hear that your MVP Lone Wolfs are still giving as good as they get ;)

  3. Master had gave tips on his secret weapons!

    more terrain = good!!!! Looking at the terrains also remind me to fix my terrains...

  4. Hehe! I'll bring 'em back in June/July for games. They should be fully painted by then :))

    I was also in turn inspired by the awesome terrain where Ray plays his games in HK ;)

  5. Looking cute those terrain pieces!

    Yes, I plan for us to have painting parties at YC's house or even my place when I come back. The best part is that James and I live alone so you guys can even stay over!

    After painting night, I plan to have a terrain night. The idea is to do brainstorm then build as a group. I am thinking of theme tables.

    Do subscribe to and you will get regular updates!

    Some pics will be coming soon for my weekend game!

  6. I've changed my template. Hopefully the problems will go away =)

    Now I can't wait to see the painted terrain man, and especially for a game when you return.


  7. @Enrgie

    I like those ideas (painting and terrain night). Are you going to stay in the somerset condo James is currently staying?

  8. Sounds like a great idea Ray! Should be heaps of fun man :))) I like the Theme idea for the terrain makings.

  9. Yes, I will be staying with James at his condo at Somerset. We are CENTRAL! We are trying to create some space for our gaming habit. Need to install some lights to make gaming a little brighter and so we can take some really nice pics. Remember, the more we put in, the more we get out of it!

    The first event being put on the webby will be our inaugural gathering - we need a name for our group! Suggestions?

    Yes, I look forward to playing with you too Krom!