Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wargames history- Skanwy edition

Hi all,

Thought i would give a spiel on my memory of wargaming :) My recollection is hazy at times, the fog of war has not yet lifted in its entirety ;P

I first had contact with the 40k universe through the PC version of the Space Hulk game. I played it endlessly even though i only made it through 3 missions. The intro scene with the Deathwing in their white Terminator armor was just unforgettable. And the amazing weapons like the thunder hammer which could also self destruct haha!

I had no idea that this was part of a larger universe of Warhammer. If i recall correctly, i rediscovered it again in Perth Australia when i went there for studies. A friend introduced it to me. I bought the IG Codex and later Codex Catachans.

Just a few months in, i was introduced to the Space Marines and saw the familiar figure of a Terminator in the codex. I was really happy as i had rediscovered the origins of these heroes from so many years ago.

I started my Deathwing collection and they have always had a special place in my heart :)

When i discovered Warhammer, i was still playing Magic the Gathering (MTG). But i sold the entire collection to a shop in Perth for quite a nice sum of money as used it to start my new journey into the world of miniatures!

I think i met Ray first in PI or some other place with gaming tables, haha, can't remember. I joined him for games at his place at Chinese Garden..i think. Later location changed to Lakeside. I met up with YC (crazyrat) and other great gamers :)) I think we were called Warpod 40K, and Ray was our fearless leader :) That name brings back such fond memories.

I later joined gaming at YC's place and met Daniel and Defeng (Jaeroler). Had a fantastic time gaming guys! Stuff of legend! I got into Warhammer Fantasy with a lot of guidance and patience from the guys there, and in turn found more minis to collect from GW's fantasy range haha!

I met Defu (Krom) at a tournament organised by Ed. It was my first and i think also Defu's first tourney. We were there to join in the festivities and excitement haha! We also had a good talk about lots of stuff and now game together at YC's place :)

Through time i have expanded my Iyanden Eldar collection and am also jumping on the Blood Angels bandwagon. Will not be going too deep into BA, and just made up a low budget BA army consisting of Sanguinary Guards ;)

I think i'm still more of a painter and modeler. The gaming aspect is an experiential one, but i'm proud to say my experience was an amazing one, only made possible by the awesome bunch of dudes i game with. Can't wait to come back for more battles man! :)

See you guys soon!


  1. BA low budget?!? LOL! How is that possible!

    It could have been either PI or Comics Mart, but either way, I am glad we are all in the same boat now! Keep painting and come game when I am back!

    Looking forward to reviving our old group, the WARPOD!

  2. The amount spent to get the 1750 points BA Sanguinary Guard army was about SG$200 :) This includes 5 boxes of Sanguinary guard and one blister of The Sanguinor. I already had Dante from like 6 years ago lol! So i didn't count the cost for him.

    Yeah man! Go Warpod :)

  3. oh yes warpod40k, even I forgotten the name until I read your post hahaha.

    "Dante must die" (somehow I like to kill him when he appear in games)

  4. Hi sam can you copy and paste your history edition into our shared ABO blog as well? So that we can hopefully have a full archive of all the contributors! Thanks.

  5. @crazyrat: Yea man, i also remembered as i read all your posts :) Aiyoh, why you want to target 'senior citizen' Mr Dante ;P

    @Beef Nuggets: Yup sure, no probs. Have posted up on ABO :)

  6. "Dante take" (wound allocation for str8 and above shots)

    rolls 1

    remove Dante LOL

  7. Wah! Thats a 200 plus point model gone in a turn! Pain manz haha!

  8. Nice recount! Thank god I met you too bro! Lol especially since we both had to play the very army we placed on our army-I-do-not-want-to-play list lol.

    About Dante, that's what he gets for wearing a golden mask man haha. Time to melt gold for gold bars!

  9. A word of caution for you bro, and I am sure YC shares the same sentiment too.

    Guard your Dante well, lest he turn into a gold bar too lol =) YC and I've got our eyes (or guns) on this old man in golden mask. Mark my words hee hee

  10. Haha! Dante shall be brave and deep strike into the heart of the enemy :) He must be an example to his Chapter ;P

    Played 3 games today at GW. Lost 1, Draw 2 haha!
    Dante died only in the second game that i lost, but my opponent was over by 200pts. It was a tough fight tho :)