Monday, May 10, 2010

Sanguinary Guard with a huge @$$ Axe

Got another of the Angels done just today. This one has excellent detail again :)

Front view of the SG.

Side view seen here with Angelus boltgun. I painted the cartridges reddish color to simulate the bloodshard ammunition.

The other side of the mini. The huge axe looks quite heavy. He seems to be falling backwards haha! The big wings also not really helping i reckon ;P

And finally...

An impulse buy at The Reject Shop just cos it looks sooo cute!!

I named him Tako. He will be my painting table mascot heehee :))

Have a great week ahead all!


  1. Wao! This IS a weapon. Grrr, feeling abit jealous that BA's getting the nice weapons and axes, to top it off. Ain't the vikings supposed to have the gruesome axes?

    Regardless, it looks superb and wicked =) All it needs is a tabletop with opponents to hack and slash. What are you waiting for? Hahah

  2. Hi guys :)

    I think my 3 more boxes of Sanguinary Guard will arrive this week or next Monday latest. Will bring back the remaining bitz for you guys to have a look thru when i get back ;) Krom can pick out a nasty axe to convert :)

    Yea man Tako sure looks yum, hopefully he will encourage me with his inspirational blank stare hahaha!!

  3. 3 more boxes man! Anyway, no worries about the axe. Can't wait for you to return for old times- game and tea anyone?

    Haha if Tako works for you, get me one too!
    (realy really need to start painting man)

  4. Look forward to deep strike back in for a battle haha!

    Sure man, Tako has been doing ok on his job so far ;P