Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Not Juz Any Lone Wolf ;)

Doing a counts as Lone Wolf mini for Krom. He wanted a female lone wolf, so i did some searchin' haha!

I took into consideration that she would be in some form of power armor. The GW Sisters of Battle did come to mind, but i did not find them suitable. Too much inquisitorial markings and their faces look like a man (maybe its just me) LOL!

Other ranges looked too fantasy or just had too few clothes on ;P

My impression of Space Wolves is they are generally like Vikings and Norsemen. And they are famous for their warrior ability as well as their big size.

Big size not meaning fat, but in a way that means they are generally taller, broader and more big boned i guess :)

I settled on a mini by Hasslefree Miniatures called Power Armored Libby.
Its a really beautiful sculpt and fun to paint.

I find she brings out the warrior look really well, and the charging pose is just sweet! She looks like a female Valkyrie of the Norse legends!

I assembled the mini just today, still waiting for the glue and greenstuff to do their work. The mini has also been pinned for more stability.

I will plan to add other details via greenstuf like runestones and whatnot. The weapon can be a Frost Axe or power weapon. The chunky pistol i imagine to be called the Widowmaker can be counts as for a few things. Just give a backstory that it can be configured as a storm bolter, bolt pistol or plasma pistol prior to a battle heehee!

The Power armor can be called e.g. Valkyrie Armor and treated as normal, or Termi armor. Just need to mount on a bigger base if playing as Termi armor ;)

Anyone got any conversions to do can let me know. I can't seem to find a job yet, so it will definitely relieve my boredom haha!


  1. Yea, this model look good for a female lone wolf!
    running pose---check
    big axe---check

  2. Oh yes Sam, you got msn? if yes, pls add me. My msn is the email address you sent email to few months ago. Pls specify your name in the request so I dont block you.

  3. Hi YC, I added you for MSN just. Hope it works haha! I only use it before a few times ;P

    Yea man, i like the mini too, its just so beautiful and dynamic!

  4. YO...ahahaa.
    its been awhile since i came here.
    anyway his plasma pistol looks like a huge lunch box..kinda squarish but cool.
    hahaa...a nice mini indeed.

  5. Hey hey Joe ;) Yar manz, long time never hear your comment!

    Yar, the pistol is a bit chunky, great for clobberin' stuff lolz!

    How are your Sphehs Mahreenz doing? Hope they did not turn from the Emprah's light ;)

  6. Wao (speechless)! I am in love. Thanks bro.

    Are you guys ready for God Mode Lady's night? Ahwooo!

  7. haahaa xD my mareeens are doing them once in awhile...keeping them clean from DUST!! hahaha..dust is low in fat and sugar. LOL. haha xD

  8. Hey bro, no probs man :) It'll be fun converting the mini.

    Yo Joe, good to hear the Emprah's finest are tip top ;)

  9. hhas..good.
    Will be looking forward for more of your minis. peace.