Monday, May 17, 2010

Lemon Meringue Pie

Had a discussion with Ray on YC's Blog Fantasy Games about Mycetic Spore conversion. Decided to go to local art and craft shop called Lincraft to have a look at materials. They are having a May Winter sale on, so its great!

Bought a round styrofoam ball for AUD$2 and a small tub of putty like stuff called Rubba Dubba Doo for AUD$3. Its prolly cheaper in Singapore eh ;P

The putty is like a foam clay, hard to describe. Its really light and dries quite fast in the air. When dried it feels rubbery! I found that interesting. I think i saw it used before locally, people use it to make cute animals of different colors. I bought the yellow color tub and it smells like lemon! I was quite tempted to taste it. Didn't though..hahas!

Heres a pic of the product.

So i was ready to go to try my hand at a Mycetic Spore. I based my on a prehistoric insect like organism that existed 550 million years ago. Its called a Spriggina. Also inspired by the Tyranid art on page 54 of the codex with a Carnifex crawling out.

I cut the styro ball in half and shaped the half i was using bu cutting out some of the sides to make it look less roundish.

I applied glue to the bottom and whacked it onto a piece of cardboard. Its interesting to note the middle of the styro ball has little tiny styro balls haha!

Next i rolled the putty, almost eating it cos it smelled so good. Right...okay, i rolled it into strips and stuck it on the styro frame using white glue.

Other view of lemon pie, i mean Mycetic Spore :)

Small rolled strips for the skeleton frame also glued in.

Back view of the Spore. Strips of rolled putty applied to the back as well as the sides of the bio construct.

More strips added to the sides.

Frontal view, almost done. Did some teeth at the maw/entrance and some carapace on the front as well. Wish i had my bitz boxes here!! I have zilch at the moment except for Sanguinary Guard bitz lol!

Back view.

Side view. Vestigial legs added to the bottom of the spore.

And i have run out of putty. I made the mistake of leaving some outside the box for more than 5 minutes and it hardened! That was pretty fast air drying man! If i had saved the putty from drying, i would prolly had enough to make the lash tentacles...

It was fun doing this. It could be a piece of Tyranid terrain as well or a lemon pie haha!

I will maybe basecoat it and paint it later. My Sanguinary Guard boxes have arrived! Together with my Mushroom men!

Have a fruitful and joyful week ahead everybody!


  1. Lemon Pie!

    Nicely done Sam. You planning to "spice" it up with some Nid bits to make it more GW looking?

  2. Yup i want to. But i have no bitz here at all. My Nid bitz are back home haha!

  3. Honestly that is one mean looking spore! Truly one of the better ones I have seen yet man.

    I request to see this one painted haha.

  4. cant wait for the finished nids drop pod

  5. Thanks!

    Will commence undercoat soon as i get some black spray ;)