Friday, May 7, 2010

Sanguinary Guard with Powerfist

Managed to finish up a second Sanguinary Guard. This one was assembled with a powerfist.

Front View.

Side view seen here with ornate Powerfist.

Other side, seen with Angelus Boltgun.

Back view.

There is just so much detail on the Sanguinary Guard minis. Its simply amazing they could pack that much detail in the moulding process.

But it was really fun to paint and i enjoyed the process, even though it was a bit tiring at times haha :)


  1. wow his pf is huge! A right hook punch from it sure to instant kill any foul xenos. Yea GW plastics technology are getting more advance, the levels of details are very high, almost to the detail levels of resin. Can compare with plastics that were release in the 99 and now. Big difference.

  2. Yea manz, the powerfist look very steady haha! I hope he manages to hit though ;P

    At least with the improvement with the plastic minis i can justify paying more for it (well not too much, just a little more) ;)

    After these 5 guys are done, i may just paint the rest with gold paint man lol!

  3. Wao! What huge fist you have there! I can imagine it strangling my thunderwolves lol.

    Scarily beautiful! Keep your pictures coming.

  4. Hehe! Not sure if he will survive to use the fist man ;) But i'll give it a go lol!