Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The stork has delivered

I was just reading and commenting on YC's Fantasy Games blog about his purchases. Lots of space marines goodness there. It must have been delivery time for all the wargames companies online, as i received a call from reception that i got a package as well haha!

Looks like online orders everywhere are being fulfilled as the volcanic ash situation improves :)))

My Lizardmen Skinks have arrived, ready for conversion to Deep Ones (counts as Plaguebearers). The Slann Mage Priest is just a beautiful model. I might convert him to a Cthulhu Priest by greenstuffing tentacles to his face heehee!

Also in the pic are a box of Kabuki Dolls from Urban Mammoth. They are excellent and i'm planning to maybe do an Oriental style Seer Council from them.

The rest of the small blister packs are from Hasslefree Miniatures. Minis opened and pictured above. They are for my Inquisition 'Star Wars' style list. Included within one blister is a mini that is destined for conversion into a Lone Wolf for Defu (Krom) which is not shown.....yet ;P

I'm a lurker and sometimes poster at the B&C Forums. Some of the guys there introduced me to Wayland Games from the UK. I placed my order with them and they are excellent! When i emailed them for any enquiries, they replied to me on the SAME DAY! They also kept me in the loop on the status of my purchases, which was for me top notch customer service :)



  1. so much shinnnnyy stuffs hahaha. That little girl jedi look-a-like on the extreme left I wanted to get it also!

    wayland games are good, fast shipping when they have stock, but when you order big boxes of models add the shipping become very expensive. So i still stick with maelstrom games.

  2. Hey thanks for the heads up :)

    I'll probably be trying out Maelstrom for some purchases. If it reaches here all good then they will be a viable option as well.

    Yea manz, i'm making a Jedi list. The EM4 Miniature's Space Rangers will be used as "Storm Troopers" aka Sisters of Battle ;P It cost GBP2.50 for a pack of 5 Space Rangers.
    I bought 10 packs lol!