Thursday, May 6, 2010

BA Codex Fun Takes ;)

I was perusing the new Blood Angels Codex and was studying the cover as i was bored.

I noticed some interesting parts on the cover art.

I thought the Priest or Captain here looks like he is doing a yam-seng at a wedding dinner hehe!

And i was also wondering what the servitors were doing man? Prodding around the corpse of Plague Marines?? Weren't they taught not to mess around with Nurgle's Rot? The servitor on the left also seems to be suspiciously concerned about the fallen Plague Marine haha!


  1. You have tread on the path of "bo laio-ness" hahaha.

    Actually I dont like the front cover art. The marine/sang priest/chaplin in the centre his legs looks funny.

    this pic is better.

  2. Hehe! Yeah man, i am a bit bored...Got any stuff i can help to convert :)

    Hey the pic in the link is awesome man!! Totally agree, they should have used that art piece! Great find dude :))

    Cheers! or 'gan-bei' ;P