Friday, May 14, 2010

Ermm...Star Wars

The final order for my counts as Jedis have arrived...finally.

I have been waiting to commence building a Star Wars army for 40K. I was deliberating between Daemon Hunters and Witch Hunters 40k lists.

I finally decided to go for Witch Hunters. My counts as Storm Trooper would just be too overpowered if i used the stats of a Grey Knight. Plus i could not explain why each one had a big Nemesis Force weapon haha!

This is my Storm Trooper to represent a Sister of Battle. I haven't painted his gun and hands yet. Am quite satisfied with the color scheme. I got 50 of these guys am was waiting for the chance to use them :))

My Jedi warriors :) Did some conversion work on the guys. I had the children Jedi from Hasslefree but it didn't seem right to me for a child to be on the battlefield lol!
They will represent my counts as Sisters of Battle Heroes as well as Vet Sgts in SoB squads.

Power weapons to represent light sabers. I have made up some fluff for them as well.


A character with the Jedi entry will have the following rule:

Force Adept
The Jedi has the ability to move, deflect and counter small arms and normal close combat weaponary using the Force. As such the Jedi will always benefit from a 3+ armor save to represent his abilities.

Mind Trick
Minor psychic powers have no affect on a Jedi. Other psychic powers can be nullified on a roll of 5+. Roll for each attempt to block the enemy's psychic power.

Aura of the Just (counts as Book of St Lucius)
Jedi are agents of the Forces of Good. They are inspirational leaders in the field of battle.
As such any friendly unit within 6 inches can use their unmodified leadership for moral and pinning tests.

Light Saber
Jedi who have completed their training are gifted with a Light Saber. The Light Saber is a badge of office as well as a potent weapon capable of cutting through armor. Any Jedi character must purchase a light saber (counts as power weapon).

Feats of Valor (counts as Acts of Faith)
The accomplished Jedi can also tap into the Force to generate Feats of Valor. Thus Jedi also generate Force points which they can use to accomplish different Feats of Valor.

1) Force Might =Hand of the Emperor

2) Force Guide =Divine Guidiance

3) Force Speed =The Passion

4) Force Aura =Light of the Emperor

5) Force Armor =Spirit of the Martyr

Force Jump for characters with Jump Pack

Yup thats all the fluff for now ;)

A typical 1500 point List will consist of the Cannoness with JP and 4 Squads of ten SoB in Rhinos. Maybe supported by 2 Excorcists.

And last but not least...

This mini is from Reaper's Chronoscope range. I will be using it as a protocol droid reminiscent of CP30. His just there as fluff scenery.

Finally i can use my Witch Hunters Codex :)))


  1. LOL DOC, BA , sister now?!?!


  2. Haha! Yea man :P

    I got too many minis from other ranges lah, so decided to make use of them as well as the unused codexes, before they become obsolete (again).