Monday, May 17, 2010

On Angel's Wings

I finally completed the 5 Sanguinary Guard. They will be the first set of Angels.

The Guard charging into kombat!

View from above.

More to come..

My Sanguinary Guard boxes arrived today! And just in time too :) Time to paint them up as well. Probably using the metallic paints this time lol!



  1. LOL are you using 15 Sanguinary Guard??

    Nice paint job man!

  2. WOW Sam your painting skill had level up tremendously while you are away.

  3. I can sense Tako's influence behind this one...

    Awesome painting as usual! You are an inspiration for me to pick up my paintbrush =)

  4. Thanks for the kind words guys :)

    @enrgie: I'll be using 20 actually lol! A 1500pt army will have 4 squads of 5 SG. Also included in the mix is Dante and 2 to 3 Sanguinary Priests. For 1750pts, just shift a bit of points and add The Sanguinor :)

    @crazyrat: I think i more free to explore painting techniques haha! But there are a lot of better SG paintjobs online ;)

    @Krom: Yup, Tako was watching with his unfaltering gaze over me heehee!