Monday, May 24, 2010

Painting Updates and Army List

I am participating in a Tale of 6 Gamers! First time i'm doing so and its quite exciting!

Details here at YC's Fantasy Blog and also a link to Ray's Blog to register for the event :))

My pledge is to paint up 10 Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard (SG). I'm up to an early start today and have commenced assembly and primed a few SG already.

I think i should have pledged to paint something else haha! The SG have quite a few details on their armor. But i'm looking forward to seeing them painted and tabletop ready!

Just a pic on this morning's efforts.

Again i was very nearly overwhelmed by smell of the glue. Good thing i rolled a 2+ for armor save ;P

Call to Arms

With the potential that the Sanguinary Guard (SG) army may be painted up soon. I am motivated to do up some of an army list roster.

500 Points

1x Commander Dante

1x Squad of Sanguinary Guard (no upgrades)

1x Squad of Scouts (prolly armed with sniper rifles)

Not much i can add here as its a really small points bracket and Dante eats up a huge chunk. With only 75pts left, after SG basics, i could only squeeze in a Scout troop option. Maybe the scouts can hopefully pin the enemy while Dante and his golden boys charge or countercharge the enemy.


1 Commander Dante

1 Librarian w/ Jump Pack & melta bomb
Psychic powers (likely Shield and Lance)

1 Squad of Honor Guard
with 2 Flamer and 1 Meltagun

SG Squad One
1Power Fist
2 Infernus Pistol

SG Squad Two
1Power Fist
2 Plasma Pistol

The 1000pt roster has more options. I've been tempted to include a Librarian. The Honor Guard will probably be for Dante and painted in gold scheme as well. I think only Dante's Honor Guard is gold though. The Librarian's task is to hopefully provide Shield to units that land. Dante to hopefully pop a transport and the Honor Guard can flame the troops. The SG squads to provide additional firepower and close combat support if they survive ;)


  1. You must have had your rebreather on. Thankfully you're not a sergeant (since they always have no helmets on).

    Looks like you're faster than me!!

  2. Yeah manz! I almost forgot about da rebreather haha ;))

    Know what u are sayin' man, i got 2 guys with no helmets on in each SG squad lol!

    Undercoat is done and basecoat has commenced. I need the head start, them SG have a lotta detail :)

  3. LOL, I just glued finished my 9 DC + 1 chap today and I also accidentally sniff in some super glue fumes...

    I think something died inside me

    Sam you are fast, I'm going to primed all my models tonight.

  4. @crazyrat: LOL! Your glue fumes are really powderful manz ;P

    I need to roll a 1 for Black Rage to paint faster haha!

  5. Yea I was using "filla-glu" clear super glue...

    very strong lol...

  6. ROFL you guys better be careful! Don't later you got low sperm count!!!