Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Painting Updates


Finished up the Reaper miniature today :) It can be a counts as savant or servitor in an Inquisition army. I used metallic paints for this one.

Front View.

Back View

Now just need to look for an R2D2 haha!

Commander Dante (Update)

I finally decided to finish up Dante's jump pack. Was struggling with giving him a winged Sanguinary Guard (SG) jump pack versus his original one. I finally decided to use the original one as its his classic look :) Also i don't have to buy another box of SG haha!

View of the classic jump pack.

Another shot.

Side view.

I personally find NMM much nicer, not sure why man. Using metallic paints are much easier though. The price of beauty ;P


  1. Stick to NMM bro. They look good.

    Now I can't wait to see pictures of all your Sanguinary Guards ready to descent from heaven to unleash their fury (not against me I hope lol).

  2. Yes same here want to see your golden boys in person.

  3. Hi guys :))

    @Krom: Thanks bro! But the NMM still need improving and its time consuming. Prolly won't be able to do 10 SG in 2 weeks lol! I'll keep trying ;)
    I won't make it against Space Wolves though ;P
    1x Murderous Hurricane and all my jump pack will kill themselves slowly hahaha!

    @crazyrat: Yea man! Can't wait to catch up with you and the rest of the guys as well, and throw the golden boys around the battlefield haha! Woohoo!