Saturday, May 1, 2010

First Guard

After much fiddling, trial and error, i settled on a paint scheme. I should have checked the web for better gold and NMM recipes though...theres so much better paint schemes out there...

But stuck as i am in my ways, i continued on with the scheme already embarked on.

Here are the SG with their first coat of paint. I wanted a cartoony kind of look. I sure got it i think, though maybe not in a good way haha!

Heres the first Sanguinary Guard. He's pictured here with Angelus boltgun and the Glaive Encarmine. Behind is the gigantic Grail Cup (just kidding..its my tea cup haha!)

I couldn't paint anymore as it would take too much time per mini. Gonna just leave him as he is, cos i will eventually have to do 19 more of the Sanguinor..

Have a good weekend all!


  1. 'Mouth open' Awesome painting bro. I especially love the way you paint your power sword and axe (Dante). How did you do them?

    And for your lame joke about the cup....


    Keep your pictures coming man. May things get better for you there!

  2. Thanks man :)

    The sword is done using hawk turquoise mixed with black (1:1). The lines a drawn using pure hawk turquoise and then highlighted with 2:1 mix of hawk turquoise and skull white.

    Hee hee! Yar man, the cup was a bit of a stretch ;P

  3. 19!!! sanguinary guards!

    better load up on my 'get hot' guns.

  4. Yea man haha :) 4 Squads of Sanguinary Guard led by Dante at 1500 points. To bring up to 1750, just add Sanguinor and adjust some points in the squads.

    Its like my Deathwing army, only this is Bloodwing ;P I just love those small elite armies man lol!