Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sanguinary Guard WIP

The Angels are primed and ready to be painted :)

I have done a test mini for the Sanguinary Guard (SG). The painting method is similar but different as the SG seems to have more details, especially the torso area. The other parts of the body armor also can be a bit hard to reach/paint once glued.

The wings appear to be stable through painting once the glue has set, thankfully :)

A test mini. Its still uncomplete and requires more blending. But i generally get the rough idea of how i want them to look. The test mini also helped me to identify the potential areas of highlight and muscle curvature for the rest of the gang.

Just one point to ponder though...

The wings i can tell are good for gliding as they dive in from the skies. But once they reach assault, i think it kinda gets in the way. How do they fight with those huge wings hanging behind? Too much wind resistance for pivoting in close combat lol!


  1. Looking good, I bet it look even better real life.
    I think they fight by diving into combat. "death from above style"

  2. Thanks man :)) Theres really a lot of detail on the mini too!

    Yar the wings are great for diving, but once they land and start hacking enemies, the wings seem a bit cumbersome haha!

    Its like a samurai fighting close combat on land with fairy wings wooshing about ;P