Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Project

I went miniature hunting the other day in the city of Brisbane. It was raining lots, and i happened to stop for shelter. I was right outside Ace Comics Shop. Went up to have a look and was pleasantly surprised to see that they carry a whole range of miniatures, as well as one of my fav ranges--Reaper :)))

Needless to say, i spent some quite time there and bought a few miniatures. The largest mini ;P that caught my eye bore a really close resemblance to the Lovecraftian mythos creature Cthulu.

I was kinda inspired then to build a 2K point Fantasy demons army on the cheap :)

Using the 'Cthulu' mini as a Lord character, i had my HQ done (still thinking in 40k terms lol).

I have started painting it and though still WIP here he is:

Still not sure what color for the eyes. Am also considering highlighting its swirly tattoos with a bluish glow.

This side was easier to paint as it was raising its armpit hahaha!

Front view of the monster.

Back view, still awaiting for paint to dry before another highlight. The base is small than the normal monster bases. I'll probably mount it on the bigger base at a later stage.

Right, so for my core units, i will be taking 3 units of 15 to 20 Plaguebearers (to be renamed Deep Ones).

The minis i plan to use will be the Lizardmen Skinks. They come in lots per box and will be easy to convert. Just add lips, and fish tail fins via greenstuff ;P

Will post pics once i get my hands on some skinks.

The Rare or Special slots will be filled with 2 units of 2 Beasts of Nurgle (will be renamed Shoggoths). These can be easily made from greenstuff as Shoggoths are just jelly blob like monstrosities with quite a few eyes :)

Am painting a 'Herald of Nurgle' as well, also using a Reaper mini. Pics to follow as well soon.


  1. Wao... That looks like the great-great-grandfather of rot! Looking great. Dunno why, but I had the impression that "it" climbed ashore from the sea. Like Davy Jone (Pirates of the Caribbean). Could be the tentacles lol.

    Okay, "That" inspires me to paint my HE repeater bolt throwers. hee hee hee


    Nice model you have there, look very chaotic and got the madness aura emitting from it.

    With 8th warhammer fantasy rumoured to be out this year, will wait and see how it goes. For now is 40k ALL THE WAY! lolololol

  3. Hi guys,

    Thanks lots for the comments ;) I like him a lot too. Hope he does well in battle in the future, and not like how he looks, a bit 'sotong' hahahaha!!

  4. Uncle Algae..awesome mini dude!! hahahaas...looks like ur enyoing life in brisbane. i'd definitely wanna go there...although things there cost a bomb but its better than living in an island or a small red dot in the world map. haha xD Brisbane looks like a splendid place to get many good varieties of 40k. hahas...if i was there, i'd get those marines u dont find in sg. hahas. i'll be following ur blog as a source of entertainment. heheee. so remember to keep it updated. =) peace out...JinRong.

  5. What do Humans know of our pain? We have sung songs of lament since before your ancestors crawled on their bellies from the sea.

    Farseer Eldrad Ulthran.

  6. Yo manz! Great to hear from ya Jinrong :)) Thanks lots for da comments! How are your Marines doing dude?

    Brisbane is ok lah, for short stay, i still miss home heehee!