Friday, February 19, 2010


Saw a box of cookies today at the local Asian mart in Brisbane. I could not help but buy it as a prop for my Farseer hehehe!

Yup! Seen here is my Farseer casting the Eldar Psychic power FORTUNE! He usually never miscasts, and his secret is his daily healthy dose of fortune cookies for breakfast ;P

Another pic of my Farseer and his favorite snack!



  1. Strange that fortune cookies are link to Asians, but in SG cannot find in NTUC or neighbourhood minimart. Wants to buy some as offerings to my dice! hahaha

  2. Yar manz! I asked around and no one remembers a tradition of fortune cookies hahaha! I send some to u lah ;) Inside got quite a lot, and the cookies are quite nice actually. You can sacrifice one each before a battle ;P

  3. No need lar, I was just joking. I think its a marketing gimmick by Asians living abroad to "bluff" ppl.

  4. I like the idea of sacrificing one before a battle lol. Quite Orkish or Chaoish. Lol