Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tally Ho!

I have painted up a test model from Wargames Factory. He's a British soldier from the Zulu War 1879 series.

I didn't paint him in his traditional regiment colors, instead opting for a more muted browns and khakis. He will be an adventurer/ investigator in my Cthulhu universe ;)

I shall name him James Worthington. A retired nobleman of martial experience and a steady shot with the rifle. He is an man of imperious mien, yet resolute in his course to track down the evil that has befallen his comrades.

James seen from the back, sporting a small canteen of drink, tea no doubt ;p

There are 19 more miniatures in the box and all are of good quality. Shall look forward to painting more in the future.


  1. Why so Serious?
    Lets put a smile on that face:-)

  2. Haha! He just has a stoic sense of humor mate ;P Being haunted by a daemonic elder god does that to a person :D

    On the other hand, it could be his moustachio...

  3. Hey! Anyone watched Jumanji? Remember the hunter guy (who also has a stern face)? Haha. Nice paintjob once again. He feels like a BS6 to me lol.

  4. Yeah! I remember that movie! Thanks Krom. Also I may make up some imaginary stats for him later. BS6 sounds very tempting tho haha :))