Friday, March 26, 2010


Painted up yet another mini for my Super Heroes Project :)

Seeing that as all the previous 3 heroes were guys, i shopped at the comics store and found a suitable female superhero.

The miniature is again from Reaper's Chronoscope range. This excellent mini is sculpted by Patrick Keith and her name is Torrent.

I have painted her according to the comic book character Fathom who was created by Michael Turner for Top Cow Productions in 1988. Fathom depicts a heroine with affinity for the oceans and has water based powers.

Fathom aka Aspen.

Front view.

Back view of miniature.

As in the usual fashion i have made up some fun stats for Fathom based on the WH40k system ;)

Fathom can fly. She moves as if equipped with jump-pack.

Fathom has 4+ invulnerable save.

Tidal Surge
Fathom can hurl a terrific blast of water at her enemies.
This is a shooting attack and uses the large blast template at strength 3 AP 5. The affected unit also has to take a pinning check.

Vehicles are spun about to face a random direction and moved D6 inches determined by scatter dice.

Water Shield
Fathom can choose to use Water Shield ability during the opponent's shooting and any close combat phase. She must make a successful Ld test for each Shield.

Water Shield halves the Strength of all attacks made against her and confers a 5+ cover save.
Fathom can nominate any ONE friendly unit instead of herself to benefit from Water Shield.
This ability also affects any unit Fathom is attached to.

Water Lash
Fathom can use the power and fluidity of water to attack her enemies.
In game terms, Fathom has D6 close combat attacks.

Fathom moves over all water based terrain with no penalty. However, she does not confer this to the unit she joins.

And for the next post another Heroine...Firestar!


  1. Whistle!
    OMG. She looks really hot and toned (due to your painting man). I really look forward to your next model man =)

    Maybe I can commission you to do a female Lone Wolf for me? Haha

  2. LOL! Thanks man!

    Yup sure thang, no probs. I would be happy do a female Lone Wolf for ya.

    You juz have to give me a rough idea of how u want her to look ;))

  3. Yeah man, in a good way haha :)