Friday, March 19, 2010

New Purchases

I made some purchases and they have arrived against all odds!
Also received Tyranids and 40k Demons codex.

Much joy and celebration thus ensues :)))

Pictured above are the purchases.

The 5 miniatures from Infinity are from the PanOceania faction. They include 4 Knight Hospitallers and their leader Jeanne D'Arc. I plan to use them as counts as Grey Knight Terminators ;) Also included is an Armored Calvary box set from Infinity also from PanOceania faction.

The single mini at the top left is a Light Elf Mage from Avatars of War. I will probably convert her to be the Spiritseer Iyanna Arienal of the Eldar Craftworld of Iyanden.

The bottom right are plastic minis from Wargames Factory. This box is from the Wars Of Empire Zulu War series and features the British riflemen. Really cool minis with nice detail. I plan to use some of them for my hunting the minions of Cthulhu party.

All the above goodness were purchased through Simply Miniatures online shop

Will post pics of completed and WIP stuff as they come along ;))


  1. wow infinity, I wanted to try that game though hahaha, looks fun and like sci-fi mordheim.

  2. Ya manz, me too want to try. But i just collect the minis first hehe! They look ace! Plus very well sculpted. If u want to play count me in man :) But i can only game later with u guys haha!